Nd Yag Laser Vs Diode

I am considering for this two type of Laser for hair removal. So which type is better for skip type 3/4? :roll_eyes:

If you can tolerate it without burning, the diode is the way to go. Melanin absorption is better with the diode and it will take fewer treatments to clear an area.

I am a type 4 and have had excellent results with the Lightsheer diode laser. A lot of it depends on the skill and experience of the practitioner too. You need to be treated at a fluence high enough to kill the hair follicle but low enough not to cause long-term skin damage. A good practitioner will find that point.


I’m going for ist full leg treatment next saturday …a bit nervous…The centre is using diode lade, Lightsheer lase. They will charge me 375 for upper leg and 500 for my full leg…quite expensive. The pratician advice me to go for full leg instead of just upper leg as he found a bit weird to have smooth upperleg and hairy lower leg. …i think it is a marketing strategy that for them to attarct me to do the full leg treatment. He said he will shave the morning before the treatment. May i know when is the best time to shave before treatment? i have a darh hair and type 2/3/4 skin, and my intention is just to have less visible hair on my leg…i dun mind to have hair on my leg but not a dark and thick hair, which it is a nightmare for me for the past 15 years at least until today…i dun want toi live the life like that. Thanks for all the advices, you guys are really offer a greta help.

That’s not a bad price for having the legs done. I’ve seen places charge about $2k for that. Take advantage of the deal.


Just shave the night before your laser treatment. With the Lightsheer you should shave as close as possible. I would recommend using a good triple blade razor like the Mach III Turbo.