Nazis & FCC

I met Loraine Maher when I was a 24-year-old electrolysis patient; she was “my” electrologists (for my back hair). She had lived/worked in Maine during WWII and told me that a German spy had been operating in her coastal town and sending Morse Code-type messages to an operative in a U-boat off shore. When the authorities finally busted the spy, they found his mode of communication: a Kree electrolysis machine (HF flash). The spy had rigged up an antenna and an amplifier to the unit, and was using the footswitch to tap out coded messages.

I had always sort of suspected the story, but years later it was retold by one of the elderly women in our California Association. It seemed to be common knowledge to the electrologists that had been working during the War (and that was “THE war”). They told me that the government seized some electrolysis equipment that was operating at “the wrong” frequency and eventually assigned frequencies that were “appropriate.” Frankly, I still think the story is an “Urban Legend,” but I DO like it a lot! The next time you are working, be careful not to tap out any messages to “the terrorists!” (You suppose that’s covered in the “Patriot Act?”)

I love these stories of electrolysis lore!

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Here’s a story from the Engines of Our Ingenuity: You can read or listen!

Would be interesting to hear/read other stories that have been passed down to us…I have some…well, one.

Okay…I had to do some googling here. These stories are related to Michael’s post. I hope that someone will be able to dig up more! I’ll be there’s more!