Nausea from laser?


Being new here, just want to first express that finding this site is a blessing!

I just had my first patch test yesterday, on underarm and lower leg. For anyone who is more experienced with laser treatments: have you heard of nausea as a side effect with laser? It seems like a strange association, but…I had terrible nausea and upset stomach for the entire afternoon after the test, though the night, and into this morning. I can’t pinpoint having eaten anything “off”, but it could very well be something I ate or a bug or coincidence. Just thought it would be worth checking if it might be a side effect others have experienced, though.

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Did they apply anything to your skin before, during or after treatment?

My laser practitioner uses a lotion after the treatment. However, I always apply EMLA topical anesthetic cream 2-3 hours before the session, so my skin is numb during the treatment. The EMLA causes nausea and dizziness, so is it possible they rubbed some of that on you (purposefully) instead of lotion?