Natural Hair Inhibitors

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I thought this MIGHT help some people out, since no one’s mentioned it. Soy milk and turmeric are supposed to work to inhibit hairgrowth.

Soy Milk: Actually, any soy protein is supposed to work the same way. I tried a soy massage oil once, but didn’t stick with it long enough. However, I regularly do thigh massages, and when I used soy as a carrier oil, I THINK THINK that the hair grew back slower. It’s up to you to try it out, I’ve also heard that dipping a cloth or something in soymilk and applying it to your skin everyday will inhibit hair growth.
I don’t know if the soy massage oil contained all the protein!

The NEW Jergens Shave Minimising cream contains soy protein as a hair inhibitor. (IMPORTANT!! This is only my opinion, but I suggest you do not buy this product, I do not know what they put into it, but after using it for a week or actually 5 days on my underarms, I started getting an odor problem, it’s been a month and a half since I used it, and the odor problem is NOT gone.) I want to sue Jergens for this! Unless you want to be stuck with needing deodorant three times a day, then please don’t even attempt the product, and if it blocks the pores so bad as to cause an odor problem, then it must be really bad for the skin. DON’T use it! Please. I never ever had a problem before that at all, I used to take pride in it.

Turmeric/turmeric powder: This is something that many Indian women I know of use. They call it Haldi. BUT, be careful of a yellowish tinge to your skin for a day after! I really don’t know how it would work, I’m quite light skinned myself, so I’ve never had the guts to try it. The Indian ladies I’ve seen using it have all had a darkish color, so it hasn’t shown on them. Even if you have a dark color, try it on a small patch first.

Soy milk looks promising in published mouse studies.

Turmeric is another story-- I’m not aware of any data indicating this will affect hair growth. has a lot of info regarding turmeric & it’s hair reducing properties.

This is the only turmeric info I saw in a quick look at their site. Until there’s some scientific data, it’s possible this is an old wives’ tale.

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Question: my daughter is 7 months old.She is having hair on her body.I heard that by using turmeric hair growth can be reduced .Is that true.Ineed your advice ammma.

janaki karthik, Council Amma

Dear Iueyti,
turmeric definitely helps in total reduction of hair.but make sure you use kasthuri turmeric or that which is sfae for application as your baby’s skin is very sensiive and may break into may add chappathi flour1/4 tsp and a tsp of haldi .make a paste with milk.apply on body and slowly with circulating movemnt start falking off the pack after letting it dry for 5 minutes.if a part dries before you are able to fake it off just wash off with not rub too much.the movements must be firm but gentle.

prameela vadanakurichi, Featured Amma

Dear iueyti,
It is absolutely true that using turmeric will reduce hair growth.But you have to use it continuously and be patient for results.
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it may not be scientific, but it worked for my cousin. She put turmeric on her face every day for months. I’ve noticed her facial her is thinner. I believe it works, but it’s VERY slow :frowning:

Hmm… dont know about this one, but seems quiet an ancient remedy, primarily from turmeric and papaya. Rest I dont know…

I plan to try surgi-hair stop gel with turmeric and soya-milk… lets see what happens…

As always, I urge you to avoid the home remedies if you can’t afford to waste money on unproven methods.

There is no data indicating turmeric has any effect on hair growth.

Hey Andrea,
I had no idea you were still active in forums.
Glad to hear from you.

Well, anyway, what is the best soy milk with most isoflavones out there?
Is there anything out there with like 100 % isoflavones or close?

I have one with 46mg Isoflavones per serving of 1 cup (8 fl. oz or 240 ml).
company: WestSoy , , available at my local Kroger shop.
Contents: filtered water, whole organic soybeans,
no sugar or anything else added.

I am going to try it with turmeric-little if any, surgi hair stop gel which has papain enzyme in it, and ofcourse the soya milk - i am going to apply topically and see what happens.

Any help would be appreciated on how to or where in papaya do we get these papaya enzyme from to inhibit these hair growth. Is it seeds or flesh.
How to apply topically? Any good links out there on this discussion?

Thanks Andrea and Folks,
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Hey All,
I tried this soya milk I mentioned above.
Before trying it on, I got curios about the protein content. Its 9 gm per serving.
Its fairly high, and hair require protein to grow.

But anyhow, for the sake of trial i put some on and for some time I did not wash it off.
Then in morning, the hair grew back and probably much faster. So I suppose, Scientist must elimintate proteins from Isoflavones in order for it to work, if it works that is.

So I am going back to my Surgi Hair Stop Gel.
Its got papain in it, but its not strong enough, neither I am sure of its expiration in a bottle; but heck it seems to work sometimes. For some reason Papaya seems promising to me as, papaya is good for digestion of proteins and food. It should work.
More reasearch should be done on topical papain and hair growth.

I am not sure about turmeric, I havent tried it on, but I am afraid of its color catching it on my skin.

Anyway folks, thats the end of my adventure with soyamilk. Now its mainly Papaya.

Please give me some info. or links on the web about papain and its research.

Analyzer. :grin:

I have been using turmeric for a few days now on my face and arms for hoping for hair inhibitors and it shows! My skin looks great in terms of small pores, tight and smooth. The hair inhibiting part isn’t really showing yet, but I’ve heard it takes awhile so I’m trying to have patience. One problem I have is I’m blonde and light complexion, so the turmeric left a stain like a highlighting marker. Not cool. One tip I found that you might use is that my facewash worked a lot better than soap to take it off. I use Mary Kay products.

Lemon juice will remove turmeric stains, also.

Turmeric and Ginger are great blood pressure reducers, immune system boosters, and heavy metal chelators, but I am unaware of any ability to reverse hirsuteness.