Anyone knows anything about that new company??? its a new company that has 3 locations in toronto,Canada…
i heard they have a laser 3 times more effective than the normal laser …

There company websites is


Hi! Just went on the “HairfreeClinics” website. The Naturalaser is just a regular 1064 wavelength NdYag laser - nothing new in that technology, although some of the claims they are making are quite interesting!? I don’t know how this wavelength can accomplish any kind of hair removal at only 3 joules - the longer wavelength requires much more energy (ie. Joules) in order to effectively destroy the hair root. That is why you see such wildly different settings between lasers - diode lasers have a much shorter wavelength than NdYag, so they require less energy than the Yag. So you have settings of 20-25 joules for diode as opposed to 40-60 joules for Yag…Not quite sure about their claims for tattoo removal either. Shorter wavelength machines are much better for that, or something like the Medlite IV, which is designed for tattoo removal and not much else. There is really no new technology out there regarding laser hair removal - what some companies are doing is re-boxing old technology and re-naming it. Don’t know if this is the case here, I’ll have to do more research on it. In any case, do lots of consultations with lots of practitioners before you commit.


Hey hairfetish,i really wanna tnx u verry much about ur comment, about taking time writing it and all i really preciated it,here in Toronto, we here allot about that company, they got ads everywhere and not sure if its a good company …its all good…my problem is that i got a uni brow and not sure how to get it rid ov, they told me laser isnt the good choice…
tnx again


Oops! My mistake - the 1064nm wavelength that they are talking about is the OLD Q-switch NDYag laser! It is sort of appropriate for tattoo removal, but no good at all for hair. There are better machines for tattoo removal anyway. Try looking for a facility that has an Alexandrite or Long-pulse NDYag laser. You can have the brow area done in the middle (glabella) but not under the brow. Too dangerous to have the laser pulsing that close to the eye, not to mention the fact that you cannot sculpt an eyebrow with laser. Good luck!


The site makes a lot of overpromise and marketing hype. I’d watch out-- anyone who talks up their laser so much over the other ones is usually a bit too aggressive in trying to get your money instead of giving you good service.