Nancy Ledins

Where is she? I once said that Nancy had more intelligence than the entire AEA membership (self included). I still think so. So sad that really smart, creative people seem to get “run off” by the “groundlings.”

Such people often make you “uncomfortable,” but that is a good thing. I miss Harvery Grove too … same reason. Being nice and reasonable has its limitations.

Last I knew, Nancy was in NC.
I think the NC Board Of Examiners might be able to give you some info.
Telephone - 336-856-1010
Maybe even Trudy Brown can lead you to her.
Since Nancy is probably about 80 by now, if you find out if she is in a home, we can all pay her a visit. Please let us know.

I don’t think she’s in a home!!! She attended some AEA board meetings within the last few years, and she attended the NC con-ed meeting held last spring.