Nair repackages range of creams

Nair repackages range of creams
by Staff Marketing 25 Jan 2006
Nair repackages range of creams

Nair: getting an overhaul

LONDON - Nair, the Church & Dwight-owned depilatory range, is relaunching its range of hair-removal creams.

A redesign, by Southbank Creative Consultants, will be rolled out across the range this year, following an overhaul of the creams’ formula.

Nair products will now be sold boxed, rather than loose, and include a spatula to aid application.

The revamp is intended to unify the range, which is second in the market behind Veet, creating a stronger brand identity and better on-shelf standout.

The first products to be affected will be Nair’s moisturising regular and sensitive hair-removal creams.

Nair outperformed the rest of the depilatory market in 2005, growing by 28%.

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