Nair for Men?

Does it work? Especially on coare hair, not just fine hair.
What is the best way I can remove the hair on my upper legs and buttocks? I don’t want to shave it.

It doesn’t even work on women’s hair. It’s never worked for me, anyway.

It can burn you, though. Then you won’t care about how hairy you are, I guess.

Depilatories don’t work as well on coarse hairs, usually, because in order to dissolve the hair, you have to leave the stuff on until it burns the skin, too. Some men use depilatories, but most find they are not useful on coarse hair.

You can get a free sample right now on their website:

Nair for Men website (free sample signup)

Oh, and here’s their warning:


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I’ve recently used Nair for Men Body Lotion on my shoulders, upper back, lower back, feet, back of legs below the knees (as a test) and stomach area with good success. You can’t spread it too thin, though, or it doesn’t do much. No burning at all and I left it on for 15 minutes in some areas. It removed the hair too! :smile:

I’m sure its effect has a lot to do with your skin type (I’m fair skinned, dark haired Irish) but I got no redness or irritation at all.

As a benchmark (!) I used Epil-Stop once on my shoulders and chest and got burned. Avoid it.

Thanks for the report, Patrick-- I have used Nair products on my legs, and timing is everything.

It sort of takes trial and error to figure out how long you can leave it on without problems. Always best to take it slow and hold off on sensitive areas until you know your skin’s limitations.

I’ve never used the Nair for men, but I have noticed that it is quite popular. Usually there is only one or none left on the discount store shelves.

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The big consumer products companies are finally catching on that a lot of men remove hair, too, so I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more stuff aimed at this untapped market in the coming years.

I’ve used Nair for Men and found that it did not work good enough to continue using. Nair’s 4 minute formula works much better. For hard to remove hair leave the 4 minute formula on for 8 to 10 minutes. I prefer to use Nair on my legs rather than shave.

Nair 4 minute works fine. I work around the warning about what parts not to use it on by smearing a little vaseline on the most sensitive areas - never had a problem. Warm water soak before application and stick to the 4-5 minute timing and I’ve had very good results.

Should you shave and reduce the hair length to the area that you would like to apply this lotion?

I wouldn’t recommend Nair for men. I had to apply it more than once to get the rest of the hairs to dissolve. Plus then, there were some stray hairs you have to rub off yourself. Also, some of the hairs broke off instead of completely dissolving. Nair makes a lotion that is more gentle on the skin. Cause some of their other ones can leave burn marks.

Felipe, hair length doesn’t really matter, although cleanupo after is easier if the hair is shorter. Less melted hair-goo to deal with.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Tood. Many find you have to leave a product like Nair on for too long in order to dissolve the hair.

Yes, I’m transgendered, more on the crossdresser side, so i recently tried Nair for Men. I have been using Nair for Women for quite some time and it has done the job sufficiently. The Nair for Women really makes my legs feel much smoother after using it. The Nair for Men actually seems the same to me. You keep it on for the same amount of time, and I’ve not noticed any difference. Maybe macho guys need the “for Men” on the bottle so they won’t buy a pink Nair bottle instead. Ultimately I use a combo of an epilator and Nair occasionally, so my legs tend to stay smoother longer.


I used nair for many years, on my whole body. It worked fine. I liked the apple scent.

I did find that the hairs that weren’t eliminate on the first time(the course ones), were pretty much gone the second time except for the little fuzzy’s that are left.

I now have advanced to only using an Emjoi, Optima Epilitor on my whole body.

Much better than applying nair and waiting around watching TV till times up.

Does Nair have permanent effects?

Sorry, already found an answer to my question elsewhere.