Nair for Men or similar for Head Hair?

A newbie here, but I have been shaving body parts for well over 20 years. My wife and I both shave smooth, I shave every where except my arms and back. My arm hair is thin, unlike most every where else, to the point that I attend to it daily and some times twice a day. We go through a lot of razor blades and use 3 or 4 different types of razors.
Which brings me to the Nair For Men lotion. I have used it on my chest, stomach, and legs, but no where else. I haven’t had any problems with it, except that it is smelly and that smell lingers for a period of time after removal. I swear I can smell it now, and I showered 5 hours ago to remove the final traces of it from my legs.
I shave my head almsot every day, sometimes twice a day, especailly when we are on vaction and going to the beach, etc. So, since I have never had a reaction to Nair For Men, I have been thinking about using it occassionally on my head. The question here is, what are the thoughts on that, and does anyone use it on their head? If so, does it last longer than shaving? Those black stubble roots seem to grow so fast, much faster than on my legs, chest, pubes, and underarms.
Anyone with advise or suggestions?
Thanks from CV and Sara

It is often the repeated use of depilatory creams, that eventually irritate the skin. It is chemical shaving, and contains quite caustic ingredients. It may give a slightly closer shave,but I can not imagine that it being less troublesome, or costly than shaving. I’ve never heard of it being used on the scalp, but would recomend being extra cautious to avoid eye areas.

hi. I had been using Nair few times. you have to be very sure to remove it compleatly out of your body when you rinse it off. I used it under my belly bottom and developed a skin cancer which had to be surgicaly removed , and there was some left over on my thumb nail between the nail and the skin , also developed cancer there and my thumb had to be amputated a month ago. please be carefull. will not use it again.

You WOULD NOT want to get that stuff in your eyes while rinsing off. I wouldnt do it personally.

Products such as “Nair” work in a similar way as do “permanent wave” chemicals for hair curling. These products are alkaline and break down the hair structure; of course the Nair products are much stronger. (However, it’s not impossible to damage or break hair while getting a permanent wave.)

Such (hair removal) products contain calcium hydroxide (lime) sodium hydroxide (lye) … and (perm solutions) often contain ammonium thioglycolate and ammonia.

Could getting some “lime” and “lye” “under your finger nail” cause CANCER? Some on your belly caused cancer?

No disrespect to the poster, but I’m not “buying it.” Common household cleaning products contain these substances and people have been handling these for countless years. Could ONE exposure to “Nair” cause cancer? ONE! You had to have your thumb amputated? I’m skeptical.

Were common lye and lime such virulent carcinogens (as you allege), scientists would have known by now and these would be off the market. LYE? SOAP? Windex? Nope, it didn’t happen kiddo.