Nair for Men? Be warned guys!!

I learned the hard way that I can’t handle depilatories. Not only do I smell like ‘cat piss’ the whole day, the cream gets into the multitude of nics and cuts and burns the skin, leaving little ‘volcano’ shaped blisters. I’m not sure if it was an allergy or that I tried it too soon after a previous shave. The fine print warning says not to use on damaged skin, but so much of the ‘damage’ might go unoticed to the consumer. I guess it’s dangerous to use in conjunction with other hair removal methods. Either that, or my typical activities are always leaving micro scratches and abrasions on my legs (I wear shorts as much as possible for all my activities, including woodworking and auto maintenance.)

I guess the moral here is not to try these creams (secret ingredient, uric acid) when the skin to be treated has been subject to any sort of trauma, however mild it may seem. And for guys it’s worse because our bodily hair tends to be thicker and requires more time for the chemicals to break it down. So my experiece with Nair for Men isn’t that great.

BTW, is it just the same as women’s nair, only in a more ‘manly’ package? The ingredients in fine print don’t seem to be any different.

I’ve never been impressed with depilatories. They worked OK on my legs but my leg hair was not that coarse. I tried Epil Stop a similar product, on my chest and it was a disaster! It hardly removed any hair and it made a smelly mess. Forutnately there was no irritation.



I am not sure if there is much difference between the mens and womens formulations for Nair. It is most likely just the packaging however, since guys don’t like pink bottles.

I have tried the women’s formulations for both Nair and Neet and they will burn you too if you don’t follow the instructions exactly, and even sometimes when you do. Some peoples skin is more sensitive than others. If you have just shaved recently then you are asking for trouble.
They too leave an odor while they are working, that of chemically disolving hair.

I am going to copy some info on depilatories I found which has some important info related to them, uses, cautions, etc…



What is a depilatory?
A depilatory is a solution of calcium thioglycolate or barium sulfide that removes hair.

Examples of some familiar brands are Nair� and Nad’s�.

Does the chemical react with the hair?
The chemical ingredients of depilatories are alkaline. They break down the hair; the strong bases dissolve the proteins in hair similar to the way in which acid eats away at skin or clothing.

How is a depilatory used?

The product comes in a choice of lotion, cream, gel, aerosol, or roll-on.

First, a pre-test must be done in a small area for allergy or sensitivity to the chemicals.
Next, the solution is applied to the affected area.
The chemical is left on for anywhere from four to fifteen minutes, depending upon the courseness/fineness of the hair involved.
The solution is wiped off with a washcloth or towel, taking the hair along with it.
The area is thoroughly rinsed to remove all traces of the chemical.
[Caution: A depilatory must never be left on for longer than instructed; it can cause severe burns.]

What are the advantages of depilatories?
The advantages of depilatories are that:

There is no minimum hair length restriction for use.
It is feasible to use them on large areas.
Application is relatively quick and easy.
Results last slightly longer than shaving.
They are not painful to use.

What are the disadvantages of depilatories?
The disadvantages of depilatories are that they are:

Not suitable for use over certain broken skin, such as razor nicks
Apt to cause irritation
Application should not be repeated more frequently than as directed on the package.
Costly compared to shaving

What parts of the body are depilatories good for?
The skin in the vicinity of the eyes is not suited for this method of hair removal. Chemical depilatories are particularly suited for:

In Females:
The Bikini Line
The Legs
The Underarms
Unless indicated on the label, they are too harsh for use on the face.
In Males:
The Back
The Chest
[Note: The products come in varying concentrations formulated for use on different parts of the body. To reduce the chance of irritation, be sure to choose the product meant for the area of skin on which it will be applied.]

Source: American Academy of Dermatology

The material in this article is provided for informational purposes only. For specific medical advice or diagnosis, consult a healthcare provider. For a physician referral, click the button above.

Actually, there is a difference between regular Nair and Nair for Men. At least the old womens Nair, I see it is now marketed in a different container now. You will see that the Nair for Men instructs to leave on the skin longer. What I have found is, the regular Nair is much stronger and is only to be used for about 3-4 minutes max. You can feel it tingling and burning. The Nair for Men I put on and leave one for 8-10 minutes. I feel no burning feeling and it takes longer to break down the hair. This is probably because it is more difficult to get rid of thick hair without causing irratation, so it is necessarily to leave it on longer.