nair for back hair???!!!!


i wanna if it works or i can’t shave my back and ther;s no place around to go for u think it’s a good way???


Nair 4 minute formula works for most back hair (leave on for 8 to 10 minutes for tough hair). One problem with not having someone to help is that it is difficult to get complete coverage, the middle of the back is hard to reach. Another is that it is hard to spot hair that was not removed by the depilatory. Also, if you apply it yourself, and you have arm hair, you’ll likely get some depilatory on your arms, so wash them quickly or your arm hair will go bye-bye in places where it came in contact with the depilatory.

In my opinion, if you have back hair, your best options for hair removal are laser or waxing. Using a depilatory is probably the best do-it-yourself option (just make sure you use a thick layer of depilatory and get even coverage).