Nad’s is now advertising in bodybuilding and fitness magazines and targeting their ads towards men. I tried Nad’s once and it is without a doubt the worst hair removal product I have ever tried. All it did was make a sticky mess. I find it hard to believe that this product has ever removed hair for anyone.


Like pretty much any hair removal product on TV, Nad’s was way overhyped. Some find it works OK on long hair, but most people found the consistency changed so quickly after you apply it, that you have to apply and yank off the strips almost immediately, or the Nad’s melts into a sticky mess.

Even more so than waxing, sugaring is all about the consistency, and it’s really really hard to get it just right.

I know they’re already saturated in the market, so this is a little late. As with all haur removal informaericals, the onlly goal is to “motivate trial,” as we say in adveritsing. All they have to do is get you to buy it once, and they’re good to go-- their hype worked.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. The hair removal scams seem to be coming at a greater rate. More people must be interested in hair removal.

BTW, those ads for transdermal hair removal from Advanced Medical Institute are no longer in the newspaper. I wonder what happened.