Hey, I am new to this site today,I heard about it in the paper, and I love it! I was wondering if anyone knew anything about NADS. Has anyone tried it? My mom ordered it and I have never waxed before, but would like too. Are there better products to use? Any comments or suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks so much!!


Welcome, Jillian!

Nads is a bit overhyped, if you ask most consumers. It’s not that great at grasping the hairs before you pull them out, unless they’re pretty long. You almost have to pullt the stuff off immediately after applying it, because it seems to get a bit goey from body heat.

There are some little home wax kits that many prefer. Nads is OK if you get the hang of it, but it can be frustrating until you do.

Also, can you tell me in what paper you read about my little corner of the web?


Hey Andrea, I heard about hairfacts in the Oregonian in the Living section. Thanks for replying so quickly…but do you have any suggestions for a good wax kit? Also, have you heard of a product, I think it’s called Veet, it’s been on TV on commercials, not infomercials. It’s kinda like a moose that you spray on your legs, and then wash it off. Thanks again!


Jillian, Veet is discussed under the Depilatories Forum-- a couple of people have tried it so far.

I looked at the Oregonian’s online site and didn’t find the mention-- if you have a moment and wouldn’t mind, I’d love if you could tell me the author and title of the piece. If you don’t have time, that’s cool. :smile:


Hey, Thanks for the tip on where Veets is talked about…

There wasn’t an actual article about the site. But under the Q&A part in the fashion section some one asked…

Q: I discovered a commercial-free Web ste called Hair Facts- www.hairfacts./ , which provides information on the removal of unwanted hair. Your opinion?

A:This is a great site. The information is accurate and thorough, though I would have preferred documented references for the statements made.

I tried to scan it, but you can barely read it. So if you would like to see what I scanned then just give me your email addy and I’ll TRY to email it to you, I’m not that good at it. I hope this helps. Thanks again!!


IMHO, Nad’s is absolutely useless!
All it does is make a gooey mess.



I’ve used Nads for over a year and I agree that’s it useless. It did slow hair growth and made it thinner but it’s frustrating to use. Andrea, or anyone, can you please recommend a better brand? Thanks.



NADs is not worth the money. It works (sometimes at least) but never seems to do the whole job. If you want a home waxing kit I would suggest going to walmart and save about 20$ or you could try other methods of hair removal. I used Nads for about an entire summer and got sick of it. When I found this site Andrea (the wonderful person that she is) introduced me to rotary epilators (great device). So I don’t wax anymore. Anyway if you perfer waxing stay with it, but NADS might not be the best for you.


Thanks Xion :grin: . But what is rotary epilators? When it comes to waxing, I find that Nads is the best, partly because of its all natural ingredients. But I definitely want to find a better way of hair removal.

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Well a Rotary Epilator is a device that has sets of tweezers that rapidly pull hair out by the root, much like waxing without the mess if you ask me. There is some discussion about them on the in the Rotary Epilators forums, you might want to check it out. They are sort of expensive but last alot longer and can be used over and over again unlike a tub of NADS gel. Anyway, glad to help in any way that I can.