Nad's Natural Hair Removal experience?

I saw an advert on TV yesterday in Australia for Nad’s Natural Hair Removals. The link is below

The advert claimed that it is not wax and is good for sensitive areas. I’m thinking of buying it but would like to find out if anyone might have tried this before and whether it is anymore effective than waxing?

Thank you


I heard of many people who tried it and hated it and only one who actually liked it.

I would recommend trying something else.

Thank you Aguila

Perhaps I will try another brand.

My GP suggest Nair instead but the comments from members of this forum has been mixed.

I want one for sensitive areas such as bikini line. Would you suggest another brand?




As with any Dipilatory you are using a chemical type of hair removal and you must start out slowly an use the ol’e Trial an error method.

Yes they do work well but you must go easy.
As example, if you get the 4 min Veet or Nair try on a not very sensitve area for say 3 min’s and always apply aloe afterwards.

Remember this is on a test and not get rid of all hair from that area but only a percent will go
You are just testing and don’t want to get burned.
Then in 2 days, try again but say 4 min’s and see how things go.
Eventually you can use the full time and all areas and hair will be gone with just little fuzzys.