my wonderful experience

I am so happy with my experience with electrolysis, I wanted to share it. I started electrolysis on my face (upper lip, neck, and chin) about 4 monthes ago. At first I went to a lady who did flash thermolysis. It was very painful and I had to limit my time to 30 minutes per week. I started getting pits on my upper lip and neck. It turned out that she was using too much heat and burning me. So I went to someone else. Not only are my visits more comfortable with her (she uses blend on me), she is really personable, which makes the experience so much more enjoyable. She is quick and efficient. I go once a week for an hour. We startd working on my brows about 5 weeks ago. I do not pluck anything on my face anymore! It is such a joy. I don’t even look in the mirror half as much as I used too. But best of all, I am not self concious about my face. It is so smooth and hair free, it’s wonderful. I know we still have some months left of maintenace, but it is worth it and I will stick with it. Thank God for electrolysis!!

Thanks for the wonderful post. Would you do us a favor, and add your thoughts to this post string, even if you just cut and past this into there. Electrolysis, no proof it works?

Of course, once you read this string, you may want to elaborate on what you have said here.

Thanks for sharing, and congratulations.