My waxing/product finds

I finally gave in and went to Walgreens to buy some wax… I didn’t feel like they had a very wide variety, mostly Nads and Epil-Stop. So I picked up one of Sally Hensen’s, thinking it might be better than the others. This particular one claims to not need strips, that after it cools you can simply lift up an edge and rip it off. It also came with a little microwaivable dish to heat the wax in.
I decided to give my legs a go first, and quickly realized this was not a very good wax, especially for a beginne! It hardens and dries way too quickly, sometimes so quickly I couldn’t even get it spread! It does not come off so cleanly as they’d like you to believe… I tried a few times without strips, and pretty much gave up. I began using muslin strips, which made it a little easier, but still left a lot of wax residue/pieces behind. Again, sometimes it would cool so quickly I couldn’t get it to grab the muslin, and a little slab of wax would be left behind. Also, I had to keep returning the wax to the microwave after only a few strips of my leg had been done, usually about 3 or 4. I gave in and went to Beauty Co. and bought a little heating pot for wax, which was thirty dollars. This definitely helped keep the wax melted, at least in the pot! Since it was kept at a higher temp. in the pot, it took the wax a little longer before it hardened on my skin, but it was still too quickly.
I also found the wax didn’t grab a lot of the hairs very well, probably because it set too quickly. While I was at Beauty Co., I went ahead and bought another brand of wax… This one claims to be a profesional wax, and contains some aloe in it. It’s a pretty good sized can of it for only $6 to $7. Sally Hensen’s was $6, only came with three little slabs of wax, and the instructions implied it was really only enough wax to complete two average sized legs. It also said not to use on the face, or genital area.
In short: Sally Hensen strip-free microwavable wax isn’t worth the $ unless you are experianced with wax and know how to pull the wax up with only your hands! I found Walgreens drug store didn’t carry very much, but Beauty Co. was much better. Walgreens didn’t even have a heating pot!
I’ll try the other brand tonight, and get back with everyone on how it goes!

Amy Banu

Great report, Amy! Some people find that if you don’t melt the wax completely (i.e., leave a semi-solid bit in the middle), the consistency seems a little easier to work with.

Definitely keep us updated!