Just wanted to summarize my experience with electrolysis so far for anyone interested. I started with treating coarse hairs around the nipple area (used to pluck, about 10 treatments so far) and then added on the upper lip (fine hair, used to bleach, about 6 treatments so far). I also got laser treatments on very coarse dense hair on bikini and underarms with very good results, currently 99% reduction 8 weeks post last treatment. Got about 15 hairs on each underarm with electrolysis before last laser treatment and about 3-4 hairs just recently 8 weeks post last treatment (these were missed hairs, not new hairs). I also got 5 treatments on fine stomach hair (like arm hair texture) with laser and saw about 50-60% reduction, not as good as other areas because hair is fine. Now getting electrolysis on the remainder.

Now, for the results. So far, the nipple area and the upper lip are pretty much done. I only saw 4-5 hairs after about 1.5 months the last 2 treatments. I’m very happy with the results. I feel that I am almost done with both of these areas. Time will tell.

Now, I agressively started working on the stomach and the chestbone area. I’ve had 1 treatment of 30 minutes there about 1 week ago and 1 treatment of 55 minutes there today. Everything is looking good. I am planning to agressively treat that area and also get my eyebrows done as well to avoid irritation I get from overplucking.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if anyone has any questions.