My treatment & how it's going.


I live in the UK and have been having laser treatment for about 6 months. I have had my neck, chin and most recently my upper lip done. Treatment is, (I assume) harder to come by in England, laser treatment still expensive but is getting more accessible.

I have not been told what type of laser is being used, although I do keep meaning to ask! It has an air cooling system, but I must admit it still hurts! :fearful: I don’t know if this is due to the fact, I have very dark thick hair on my chin.

After treatment I experience some swelling and redness for the first 24hrs and then a little flakiness of the skin. After the first 7-10 days most of the hair has fallen out and I feel on top of the world! :grin:

The first two times I had treatment were very emotional. It was hard for me to even go to the consultation, as I knew I would have to show my face without make up. My partner was very supportive, even when I burst into tears after the first session (I think I was just so glad it was finally under way!)

I have found that the after the first session my hair was still quite heavy, it is upsetting to see it growing back. Now after the third treatment I can see things are dramatically improving (especially when they show you the “before pictures”).

The clinic that I go to has just had a price reduction so I can now have my upper lip, chin and neck for the same price as my neck and chin. This costs £85 per session, unfortunately they do not seem to go on time but on area covered.

I feel that even if I do not end up with 100% permanent hair removal, my skin condition has improved and the reduction is hopefully long term.


I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better about yourself with the treatments, and it’s great that their prices have gone down. Can you tell us what kind of laser they are using?



I know exactly how you felt when you said you couldn’t stand to look at the hair, all grown in and without makeup. I could really feel that!

I have the same problem you do. And for me, I can’t even imagine letting the hair grow even a quarter of an inch without removal. It would just be so depressing to see it! It’s very weird, isn’t it? It’s like, we know it’s there - it’s this big reality in our lives. But hell if I’m going to look at it! :smile:

I’ve always despised hair removal methods for the face that said “Must let hair grow to such-and-such length”. Let hair on the face GROW? I don’t think so! Not even a millimeter, thank you very much!

I think you’re very brave for tackling the problem head-on and with strangers. I hope your bravery is going to pay off!


This is regarding the comment on the over-abundance of male hormones in women. It does happen, I was diagnosed with Hirsutism a few months ago after a bunch of misdiagnoses of PCOS. They did blood tests and showed I had elevated levels of androgens (male hormones). I was just relieved that there was a legitimate reason for my hair growth (almost a full beard, back hair and happy trail that starts above my navel). My doctor prescribed Spironolactone to level out the hormones, and a few months into treatment, there was visible thinning in my hair.

It wasn’t enough though, even right after waxing, I still had to wear my hair down in public so I could hide behind it if someone was too close for comfort. I waxed weekly, and tweezed strays every other day or so. Today was my first day of laser treatment, I did my entire face to start with. LaserSheer. It was great. i have fair skin and black coarse hair, so i was the ideal candidate. My redness went away almost immediately, and right now it just feels kind of tight. There was minor pain for me, but then again, Ive been waxing for 3 years, so Im used to it. In 2 weeks Im getting my abdomen and back done. Yes, its expensive, but the psychological stress has been too much for me. Plus, I asked the doctor about a discount plan, since I intend to have a lot of work done. And Im getting up to 35% off! Never hurts to ask.

I know about the emotional stress. Never being able to wear a 2 piece bathing suit, couldnt wear my hair up in a cap, had to hold my shirt down in the back if I bent over to pick something up, or reaching up, hugging someone in a sleevless shirt, worrying if they could feel my stubble. Hopefully, this laser thing will help.


Welcome, monkeysee, and thanks for the great post! Definitely check back and keep us posted on your progress, OK? :relaxed:

Good luck!