My Treatment Diary - Cynosure YAG

First Treatment:
05/17/06 45J
Lower Legs and Lower Arms - No Impact. I did feel pain during the treatment but there was no redness at all.

Second Treatment:
06/14/06 90J
Lower Legs … It has been 9 days since the treatment, and I have not shaved. I have very vellus type hair – so it works. Today I used loofah and tried pulling few hairs to see if they slide and yes they did. I have noticed the hair that are longer did not come out but are very short easily slide out. [Note: I only trimmed my hair with a trimmer before treatment.] Why will this be?

06/21/06 90J
Lower Arms … there was redness on my arms and I still have few scabs here and there on them. To early to talk about shedding.

longer hairs might be the missed hairs, but you really need to wait 2-3 weeks to make any conclusions.

90J seems quite high. Please advise which Cynosure Model.
Is it the Acclaim 7000 or the Elite ND YAG only. Also, do you know what pulse width was used ?? ( 20 msec, 40 msec, etc )

I will figure out the model name and the pulse rate for you. I see few longer hair are shedding as well, and there are missed spots as well.

My LHR practitioner is on vacation, so I could not find the model and pulse rate information.

But, it has been a little over 3 weeks on my legs, and hair are still shedding [very few though]. Besides that I shaved my legs for Jul-4, as I was out in the sun with friends, and they are still hairless. [I usually shave once/twice a week.] The area close to knees seems to be the one that was not treated well, as I can see hair there.

For my arms, I have not seen much shedding but they look quite hairless as yet. It had been a little over 2 weeks that they were treated. I have not tried to pull the hair out on them as they are anyways very fine and now I cannot even see them unless I put them in sunlight at an angle. So, I guess I am going to just wait and see when they actually fall on their own.

I am going to try lasering my abdomen with Yag at these setting, and see how it goes. If I do not see results of shedding in one treatment, I am going to switch to Lighsheer for abdomen.