My treatment at Advanced Laser Clinics


I am a male, 22, somewhere around type II or III. Last week I had my first treatment at ALC on my neck and shoulders. The nurse said she’s had four years of experience with laser. The machine used is LightSheer XC. I’ve had one treatment with the GentleLase done on the same are about three years ago with no measurable results.

I shaved before the treatment but didn’t do a very good job (partly because of the area, partly because I wanted her to see where the hairs were.) She examined the area and proceeded to shave it very closely with a razor. Afterwards she applied a cooling solution and started zapping. Pain was comparable to GenteLase. I don’t believe there’s a cooling tip on the LightSheer, but it certainly wasn’t worse than the GentleLase. The results were quite different. Right after the treatment I had lots of red spots from burned hairs. After the practitioner finished one side she immediately put an icepack on it, and same with the other side. During the treatment she continuously asked if I was “doing ok?” and went slower in the more painful areas (which I greatly appreciated). I took a shower as soon as I got home and washed off the “spots”. It’s been five days since the treatment and I’m experiencing shedding. The skin on my neck is rough and bumpy, the shoulders are a bit better (less hair).

Also, the nurse called me the next day to make sure that I didn’t have any side effects.

The prices per treatment were (I believe), ~$155 for neck and ~$225 for shoulders. They do have a treatment package discount. I signed up for the package.

I took a couple of photos of the area treated before the treatment, unfortunately I didn’t take any right after the treatment. I’ll try to post the pre-treatment and one week post-treatment photos as soon as I can.

Questions are welcome.

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Hi Someguy, I was wondering how your treatment worked up until now. Did you purchase the five treatments for the price of four? I am going for a consultation @ ALC this Saturday for the same areas, neck and shoulders. The two year guarantee is a great selling point. Thanks in advance