My Test Spot

Hi everyone,
I just wanted all of you to know that I had my test spot done today here in chicago. I had the Lightsheer diode laser used on me and Im very excited to see how it goes. This forum has been so helpful and i was very very excited to go to this clinic. They were very professional, answered all my ?'s and were very concerned with MY needs. So I had the test spot done, and it was a bit painful but definately i can deal with. also It was a bit red afterwards and alittle bumpy. but a few hours later it went down and back to my normal color. After 7 days or so im going to evaluate how my test spot is and see if i want to go along with my entire face and neck treated. But so far i have hight hopes.
Thanks for all of your help in finding me the laser that is best for me.
Ill keep everyone updated.