My story

You know older man with long eyebrow, well that’s me but 20yr old. Pretty much like this:
Some of the hair is even 1.2 inch long, but most of them are around 0.8inch. I don’t know if this is true for you too, but being hairy makes you addicted to hair. I tend to look at other peoples eyebrows in real life and also at TV all the time and always saying “I wish I was that hairy”. So here comes a question I have always wanted to know (but who should I ask, I never talk with anyone regarding feeling bad about being hairy), how long are normal eyebrows supposed to be? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

The hair is long, long enough that if I don’t brush it it will look like crazy.
Does someone here have the same problem? What do you do about it? Do you trim it? I am considering that, but it would look crazy if I came to school trimmed. As it is now, my social life is non-existing and I don’t like to be near people. Trimming + all the reactions would make an already depressed guy even more depressed. The best thing would be to move to another country, and start all over… with trimmed ones.
My hope right now looks to be gene therapy since I don’t want to remove the hair, just make them shorter and thinner. But that’s like 10 years from now… And having black hair doesn’t make things better.

The eyebrows are my number one focus but I’m also having hair troubles on everywhere else. Long hair (I hate long hair) on my legs. So I haven’t been wearing shorts for like since I was 14 or something like that. So you can guess that I don’t swim or other things where I have to show my legs (all my hair is black, so shaving is not an option. People would notice it and I would look more like a freak).

And I now stand before a huge possibility where I can start reading in a nice colleges (I’m hairy, not dumb) but that would mean getting a roommate and have to be more social and independent. I am feeling insecure but I know that this is one chance you get in your lifetime.
I could torture myself through the years and maybe in ten years there would be some sort of drugs that would make my (and yours) dreams come true.

I’ve read threads where people are stating that the hair only plays a minor role in things like finding a girlfriend, but how could someone like me when I dislike myself.

I envy bold guys. Rather being bold than hairy…

Visit a salon, get a new hair style and have the eyeborws shapped and trimmed. Then you can try to keep up with the trim job on your own. Any hair they pluck, should be removed via electrolysis so they won’t grow back, and the new style is maintenance free.

Whenever I go and have a regular haircut, I also get the eyebrows trimmed. My hairdresser just puts an ordinary comb over them, and trims off the excess length with an ordinary long-hair shaver. I guess you could do that on your own (with a bit of practice and a mirror), but it is easier to have someone else do it for you.


One more thing - for your legs, why don’t you get one of those Norelco/Phillips “Bodygroom” trimmers and trim the leg hairs to a reasonable length ? It has a set of trimmer heads so you can choose a reasonable length of hair. I guess it would work fine on the eyebrows as well, although I haven’t tried using it for those.

You can get these from Amazon - they’re about $40 I think.


I think that if you get a barber who’s willing to trim your eyebrows whenever you get a hair cut, and you get a hair cut on a regular basis, then you will be fine.

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