My story

I’m a 23 year old male who is new to this board but not to LHR.
I started getting treatments with a machine called epilight back in year 2000. This was not effective and the only thing I had from it was a hairfee period for about 1 month then all the hair came back.
So in year 2001 I switched to the light sheer laser and continued my mission to get hairfree… I have now had about 7 treatments on my whole upperbody with the light sheer and the result is nice, not perfect because there’s still some hair left. But comparing how it was when I started there have been a great reduction off hair.
Due to finacial problems (I’m a full time student) I can no longer continue my treatments to the fullest so I stopped treating my front upperbody but still continue to do my back side… The hair on my front (chest & belly)haven’t been treatet for about 1 year now and the results are the same as when it was 3 months after the last treatment. The results seem to be permanent, at least after one year. I cant say if this will hold forever or not.
This was my story and I will not make it any longer this time…
Thanks for listening / Alex