My Soprano XL Experience

Hey everyone. So I’ve used most types of lasers, and if you see in one of my previous posts I bought a deal for unlimited laser for a year with LightSheer. The clinic just bought a Soprano XL now of course and said I can use either so figured I’d give it a shot. I was concerned because before she bought it she told me it’s great because it can do legs in 10 minutes which I knew right away is impossible.

I’ve done Soprano XL once maybe a year ago on my legs and underarms. When I had the treatment, they spent a lot of time on my underarms and after awhile it started to feel pretty hot. On my legs I never really felt the heat. My underarms completely shed from the treatment but legs hardly did from what I can remember so I never wanted to use Soprano.

Anyway, my treatment was about 3 days ago now. I did my chest, legs and forearms. One thing first was she told me she’d start on my chest and for me to tell her once it started to feel almost too hot to take it, that’s how she knows that it’s been treated long enough. She said otherwise she knows when to remove it based on how my skin reacts.

So she started on my left pec and did it for maybe 30 seconds, where it definitely got warm. I wanted to go as long as possible so didn’t say anything and let her keep going. She finished that one then did the other, but I noticed both were actually really hot to the point that I was thinking this isn’t really “pain free” like they claim (which I think is good!). She then did my forearms and same thing, lots of heat, and then did my legs. One thing I noticed was each area would get really hot after only 20 seconds or so. When I did Soprano before, only the underarms got hot and it was after a good 2 minutes or so. The areas this time also were red unlike before so hoping that’s good.

Only been 3 days but will keep everyone posted on how the shedding goes and the treatment but so far it feels like it was a better session than the last time so we’ll see!

Odi who uses this machine should be able to weigh in on this.

However, my concern is that this machine is new to them. From what I’ve seen, it’s difficult to operate in order to get results, which is why we get so many negative posts about Soprano treatments here.

Problem with legs, it’s a big area so the operator needs to know the grids he is going to use.
If you use too much of a big area, it wouldn’t get enough heat because it will evaporate faster than we would like.
Also, not really sure you should hold out as far as possible, there is some delay to it so you could end up with a burn cause of it.
They should have some general idea of how many passes they need to be doing and then stop when the area becomes pinkish.
When they claim you can do an area in matter of minutes, they pretty much mean, do something like 4 passes on an area which is unrealistic because it’s not enough.
But in general it is faster and hurt less than other lasers.

Few updates.

Just to touch on the before, when I had it done the first time somewhere else, it seemed really fast. This time I think the appointment took 30 minutes longer than the LightSheer did. The power went out half way through for 5 minutes but I was there almost 2 hours for all the areas. In terms of holding out for awhile, I mostly did that at first. She first told me to tell her if it got too hot, which I thought was good because it showed she was at least going to cover the area for a long time. After she did my one pec then she just did the rest herself.

Good update though, it’s day 8 right now and hair is shedding like crazy. On my forearm using my finger tips I pulled out a good square inch of hairs, every single one, same with on my thigh. On my knees they’re a bit more resistant, same with lower legs but on my thighs they’re coming out like crazy. I know 8 days is early for shedding as well but so far so good. I know that shedding doesn’t mean it will work either but when I did it before I hate literally no shedding. So far it’s shedding more than LightSheer did. Woohoo.

wow the soprano xli is wonderful. Patients always say “yes, I see a big improvement with the first treatment”. Like anything else, it is very operator dependent (kind of like a golf club)…I can’t say what doesn’t work, but I can say the Alma Soprano XLI in the hands of a well trained professional (MD, NP, PA) is not “kind of” or “sort of” good but rather unbelievable! I’m just trying to inform the public, and I’m not selling anything.

That’s my point. It is the best laser for unwated hair anywhere on the body, but just like golf clubs,just because you bought the best doesn’t mean you can deliverthe best. If you don’t have the skill sets and know how to operate it, the patient won’t get the results. It’s really quite easy, and I can tell you friends don’t refer friends when their results are disappointing.

I like how they say it’s “the best”, but not WHY.

And it’s obviously not a consumer getting treatments, so obvious self-promotion. If you weren’t selling anything, you wouldn’t be posting this.

Every machine is operator dependent BUT the Soprano is safer and generally speaking faster and hurts less.
Unknowledgeable operator can cause far more damage with a GentleLase than a Soprano.

When you go to a surgeon you usually have the peace of mind that he has extensive diplomas and training so you are in as good hands as possible. When you do laser hair removal, besides having a good reputation to the business you are going to, it’s quite a gamble.
The general public has no idea about the difference between machines and what they should look for, so choosing a machine with solid technology for results and also being safer in most people’s hands is a very big plus in my opinion.

dude can we have an update?