My Smooth Solutions Treatments Journal

This is only a quick entry, but I just had my first treatment on my underarms at Smooth Solutions. Despite being nervous (VERY nervous, to the point I was shaking and pale) everything seemed to go ok. I couldn’t believe how fast it was. It took only about 3 minutes to do both sides. A few parts stung pretty bad, but the pain wasn’t terrible and was less than some of the electrolysis I have had. My skin isn’t very red now (which might be a bad thing, actually) and I am hoping everything is good. I will post before/after pics later on. I don’t know what setting was used, but I do know they used the Apogee Alexandrite laser.


if you can find out the settings, that would be great.

I think it said “20” on the machine, but I don’t know. I will find out next time I go in. I didn’t have much skin reaction (though I do have a small amount of yellow bruising) so I don’t think it was set very high.

joules and pulse are important if they’re using the Apogee, so it would be nice to keep track. Just pulse alone can make a huge difference. On GentleLASE it’s stable at 3m/s, but on Apogee they can adjust it from 5 to 30 or so. Lower pulse is more effective, but higher is safer for darker skin.