My Progress

So, it’s been three months of sessions, one hour a week. I have my first clearing over most of my face but haven’t really done much below the chin line. It’s been pretty much expanding the territory until a few weeks ago. Now we spend about the first fifteen minutes of each session getting the re growth.

So far I am pleased with the results. The re growth is minimal and what there is usually very fine and barely noticeable. I am astounded by the progress, I didn’t expect to be this far along so quick. I am probably going to step things up going into the holidays. I was thinking of trying two appointments a week till after the first. This thinking that I am going to have to take a week off during November and December. I want to keep up and not regress.

While I seem to be getting used to the pain, with the exception of the re growth on the upper lip. I have had a few oddities. I occasionally get something that I can best refer to as a “phantom pain”. This will happen a few days after treatment in the area just treated. It feels like a stabbing pain like a needle in my skin. The irritations have healed in the area by the time this happens. I can find no external cause of this and it never remains longer then a few seconds and never repeats in the same area.

I call it “phantom pain” because it seems like the kind of thing that people miss a limb experience, in a much diminished way.

Is this just part of the healing process or am I going crazy?

Thanks for your guidance, with out you I would be as far along as I am.


You are doing fine. That reaction should lessen, and disappear as you get farther along, but nothing is horribly wrong.

Good going on the stepped up treatment schedule. You will get farther a head and it will take about 3 weeks to slide back during your time off.