My Problems after Electrolysis

Hey Guys and Gals,
I just joined this forum because so many of you are similar to me. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
I have been taking electrolysis since about June 2004 to now, March 2005 on my upperlip.
First of all, I am an 18 year old female, born in the Caribbean. I am of Indian decent, so my skin is light brown for the most part.
My skin is very sensitive and I have never known what to do about my facial hair. I tried hair creams and waxing and shaving and nothing worked. I used to get burns so I started going to get it treated with electrolysis. After treatment, my skin is always swollen and red, (which I think is normal) but then eventually I break out with little zits all over. The area also had gotten quite dark, so even if I dont have hairs, it still looks like I have a moustache. How the heck to I treat this?? Its driving me crazy. I constantly feel insecure with it.
I am a working and college going girl, so my treatments are usually on the run. I hate going to school with a swollen upper lip thats dark and has zits all over.
If anyone can give me advice on how to treat these various and disturbing issues please let me know.
I know sunblock is suppose to stop my skin from getting dark, but frankly, it doesnt seem to do anything.

Thank You all for your input.
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hello, i have a similar problem with my upper lip. i’m lebanese so i have darker skin also as well as darker hair. first the zits, i used to get that but i don’t anymore. it used to happen on my upper lip and my eyebrows (like the hairline area). i tried tea tree oil but that didn’t work and i didn’t like the way it felt on my skin. aloe vera gel did the trick though. or i should say once i started putting aloe vera gel on the zits stopped at the same time. it could just be coincidence. my electrologist said the zits commonly happen in moist areas on the face. as far as the darkness on your upper lip i know EXACTLY what you mean. i’m just noticing it more and more lately. maybe it is our skin tone that makes us more prone to it. it’s hyperpigmentation. the only thing i can think of to deal with it, is POSSIBLY microdermabrasion. i haven’t seen anyone about it but i intend to soon. i know there are creams out there to fade the skin that you can buy at a grocery store but i personally don’t want to try anything like that. anyways, just thought i would share. good luck!