My pics advice please St. Louis area..

I would like to know what type of laser I should be looking for to give me the best results. The pics attached have all been taken after shaving approx a week and a half-2weeks before. I live in the St. louis area and after doing my research I’m having a hard time deciding which provider to go with. Thanks for any help

The images aren’t working for me…

boxer, use photobucket.

It’s hard to say, the hair doesn’t look super dark. An Alex laser I think is the best though to go with. On your chest it would probably give you good results. Your back is a bit iffy, the hair seems almost blonde there? The concern too is where does the hair go down to? Keep in mind you can’t laser over your tattoo, so if you have hair all over your back, you can’t really do laser there unless you want to keep the hair all over your tattoo. Not sure if electrolysis can go over a tattoo or not…

Electrolysis will work on tattooed areas.

The hair on your chest and stomach is definitely coarse enough for laser. For your back, it’s hard to tell since it’s shaved. At first glance, it doesn’t look coarse enough.

Are you tanned? You should stay as light as possible during LHR process to get the best results. If you do that, then you’re probably a type III and would need an alexandrite laser like GentleLASE or Apogee, so I would look for clinics that use those.

And yes, laser would ruin the tattoo. So tattoos need to be covered with something white. But if the hair is not coarse, you need electrolysis, not laser, anyway.