My overtreatment...

I have been experimenting with home electro using a professional blend machine. However I’m not having much luck. So far most of my treatments have left me with scarring. However if I turn down the settings the hair doesn’t slide out smoothly. But when I turn the settings to where the hair slides out smoothly I overtreat and get scars. What’s going wrong, what can I do to not scar and still get permanent results?

Also what can I do to help minimize the scars I have now? Does something like mederma (sp?) cream work?



Is it still not an option for you to go to a professional electrologist? Vision equipment, lighting, technique and know how would be less expensive than what you are doing to yourself now. I know you have a lot of hair because I am familiar with your past posts, but you are creating other problems by doing it yourself to save money.

Mederma is a gel-based product that helps scars become smoother and softer. The gel contains an onion extract, which is the active half of the gel. It’s used for any type of scar and is applied (massaged into the scar tissue) 3-4 times daily for 2-6 months.

The effectiveness of Mederma in making the scar smaller shows conflicting results as it is not known if it’s the onion extract or the massaging effect that is used to apply the gel that decreases the appearance of the unsightly scar.

I believe the makers of Mederma offer a money back guarantee if there is no improvemnet in the color or texture of the scar. Of course,you have to use it as directed and for the period of time they recommend. Costwise: Approximately, $13.00-17.00 for a small tube in my locale.

I cannot instruct you on blending the currents properly over the internet, so you can treat yourself properly. You have Richards or Bono’s book, I believe. Keep reading and re-reading the how-to areas of the book and practice, practice, practice. Personally, I would encourage you not to treat yourself.


I don’t see how people are buying these cheap electro machines for a few bucks (whatever they’re called) and performing successful permanent self electro with no bad results, granted it’s slower. Is it easier with those cheapo machines?