My New Website

Hope you guys check it out, its mainly based around a journal I’m doing to do step by step of my trying out my home electroylsis unit

thanks tod!.. the website looks great so far… i am going to keep following your progress and if your a success story several months from now, i might even buy the kit and follow in your footsteps :smile:

thanks bro.

Good start on the site, Todd!

May I offer a couple suggestions? It would be more readable if you increased the size of the font and changed the gray-on-black color scheme. A black background may look cool for some things, but it is very hard to read anything on it. You might take a clue from this site or any of the others you referenced - nothing wrong with good old black type on a white background if you want to get your message across!

Also, I tried clicking on your pictures to increase the size so I could actually see them and got lots of annoying pop-up ads as a result :frowning: But I got no pictures - just broken links. So whoever is hosting your site is not doing you - or me - any favors.

But keep up the reports - it helps everyone. Incidently, the “white stuff” is lye and it’s what really kills the follicle, not the electricity. So it looks like you are doing a good job! :grin: