My New Technique

Ok, so to obtain and maintain feeling, being and looking healthy I decided to make a few slight changes. I will not use any more harmful chemicals on my body, I use hipo-allergenic and fregrance soap as well as hipo-allergenic hairspray. I make my own aftershave by using alachol and soaking chamomile flowers (witch prevents inflamation, acne) and marigold (heals my scars). I soak these herbs for 2 weeks or so, the longer the stronger, the more effectant. Do not use ANY lotian! Eat lots of oatmeal. And I take cold to warm showers. So far so good. I started epilating again. I gave it up for a while and started using the razor again! OOPS! Epilating must be done right to be correct, and I’ll use witch-hazel every few minutes followed by my mix when the area is complete. It takes forever, and I’ll still get temperally red marks (they last about 3 days) but they dont turn into bumps thanks to my mix. Well I continue to research herbs so things can only get better. Oh and I’v been taking Turmeric pills too, witch helps me alot!