My new electroligist keeps pushing laser!?

I started with a new electrolysis for a larger are and she seemed great. I didn’t feel any plucking, moderate speed and very nice. However, she pushed laser hair removal on me multiple times in the hour session. She also had to take a break and split up the session into two half hours. I told her I previously had laser hair removal and she told me her lasers are better and would work better. I had really good feelings about her but this is bugging me. I have multiple areas id like to work on but not sure if she is a good fit now. Why would she push laser when I told her I only wanted electrolysis? Do you think I should find someone else because of this? Thank you!

hi, i understand your feeling about your practitioner, did you notice a reduction in the area she is treating you ? My advice is to do a patch test in a area with virgin, untouched body hair,like your arm. ask her to clear all this small area, then wait a few month and you will see ( or no) a difference in density if her treatments is effective. And take picture before and after it is very important.

As jessmetjess said, it is very important to do a patch test in a virgin area in order to see if the practitioner does electrolysis the right way.

In my opinion, it is very strange that your electrologist is pushing you doing laser treatment. Is she insecure with her work ? Does she really know that only electrolysis can provide permanent results ?

yes Adrien i’m curious to know the reason she promotes laser removal instead of electrolysis…

That’s really weird. I do the exact same thing but the other way around - I push electrolysis to replace IPL.
I’m not sure what body part you’re treating, but unless it’s your legs or crotch, please don’t switch to laser