My life is a horror !!!!!


My name is Paul. I’m 18 years old and I live in
Czech Republic (central-east Europe).
My mother come from Poland and
my father was born in Nigeria.

First of all, sorry for all bugs in this text, my
English isn’t too good…

My life has been a horror for a several years.
What is a reason of this situation? Of course hair…

Hair all over my body grow very very long !!
There grow several hair from same place…

They grow straight like some wires…

They grow very long and strange on wrist and palms,
which is most embarrassing.
The longest grow on legs and in pubic area.

I cut my hair in most places something about 2.5-3 years ago
(some with scissors and some with razor). Probably
this is the reason why they grow so strange.
It hurt when I was moving but It stopped after some time.
I haven’t cut hair on my body since there.
But the horror returned.
From several months hair started grow longer all
over my body. They still remain coarse and rough
becouse of that cutting (it was so long ago…),
but it isn’t the reason why I’m suffering…
I feel pain every time I’m moving, but I
think it’s due to the lenght of hair.
They can simply hold under trousers or under shirt.
When I’m walking it looks like I was paralysed.

So the problem from my is not already look of my
body, but I can’t live normal. I don’t dream
about going on beach or to swimming pool.
I want to go to shop or with my dog without feeling pain.

I live in Poland so I cannot afford electrolysis, which
I have read about a lot. Maybe after 10 years I would
have $$$, but to clear all body I would need a
green card or something like this to spend several
years for treatments in United States.

I can’t stand this any more. There is only one
person, which know something about this…
Now you know…

Please!!! Help me!!!
What to do? I’m desperated!
This physical and mental pain!
I can’t stand it

I was thinking about shave all my body, but
I am afraid that I wouldn’t handle this habit
and I will lose my mind… and…

What to do???

Electrolysis will be the best answer for getting rid of your hair; but it is costly and time consumming. In the meanwhile don’t you try waxing? Start by waxing your chest,back underarms and pubic areas. You should be able to go 4 to 6 weeks without another treatment. Do you have someone that can help you do it? If you get a visa to come to the USA, I can find a good waxer for you.


Electrolysis is costly, but so is a journey to the US to have a treatment there! I guess waxing is indeed the best solution for you. It is not very expensive and the hairs stay away for some weeks. You can do it yourself or go to a beautician (but maybe you don’t like that)
If you wax yourself, you will have to cut the hairs first (till they are about 1 to 1.5 cm in lenght) Then apply the wax or waxxstrips and pull it off. It hurts, but it’s a short pain, not comparable to what you are feeling now every minute of the day. You can by this wax (

Hi, i am sorry for posting my unfinished answer. I pushed some button here
I was saying: you can buy such wax and strips in the drugstore… (sugaring is a comparable method)

And, since it is more than a ‘beautyproblem’ in your case, you could consider going to the doctor.
It is not ridiculous and maybe he can help you better (Maybe there is some medical cause for your hairgrowht and he might be able to treat it)

lots of succes!

sorry to hear about your painful hair problem. well waxing is a good option, but if you cant make that a monthly habit how about investing in an epliator. It can be used in the privacy of your own home and in your own time. The results are good too. Wishing you the best of luck.