My LHR Progress - M/Type IV

I’ll keep my updates/questions here from now on.

I originally had laser done on my back, shoulders and neck with GentleLase, and they used very low settings to avoid burning me (I’m middle eastern). It was 18mm and 6-7J. I found out this was way too low to have any permanent effect so I went on hiatus for a while until I figured out what to do next.

More than 10 weeks later, maybe even 12, when the hair was pretty much back to the way it was originally, I went in for a treatment with the GentleYag at 18mm 20-22J and 10ms. I had a big reaction on my skin during treatment. It has now been almost 4 weeks and honestly, I believe I clearly had better shedding with the GentleLase even though settings were super low. I was puzzled because after reading a lot on this forum I thought the yag at decent settings would do me better. Basically I would say 80-85% shed or pepperspotted, there are quite a few hairs here and there growing slowly and several small to medium sized spots that are growing normally. A couple of these are big enough that I don’t think she could have missed them. And she checks for the skin’s reaction during treatment for areas that are not red. I do have dark, coarse hair btw.

I now believe it’s possible that while 18mm on a yag might work okay for the coarsest and deepest of hair such as the male beard or other similarly coarse areas, for areas that are not quite as coarse, it may be better to use a smaller spot size and higher fluence. Not just because the hairs may be closer to the surface, but based on an interesting thread by ‘t4ngent’ which includes a Candela document, it seems that smaller spot sizes at high enough fluence can actually deliver more energy at every depth (up to 4.5mm in the document and probably a little more based on the percentages listed there) than the largest spot size can, which is limited to lower fluences because it hits more skin tissue making it less safe and more painful at higher fluences.

Anyway, based on all this I decided to try having my touch up at a smaller spot size like 12 or 15mm and higher fluence. However, the nurse didn’t know how to change the spot size, I guess they only ever use 18mm. So I decided not to do it yet, and I scheduled a consultation and test spot for next week with another place that has the GentleMax. The nurse at this new place seems willing to talk settings and change the spot size, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll give an update then.

I think some of your hair didn’t shed because it was missed and not because the settings were low. I think…I may be wrong…

I had a patch test on my legs 3 weeks ago at 30J/20ms/12mm on GentleYag and experienced 95% shedding( most of the hair ‘pepperspotted’)I’m skin type 4/5

Okay, thanks for the input, I’ll keep that in mind. I agree with you that the yag settings I had on 18mm seem like they should not be too low, but it’s hard to tell what was missed or not. Maybe she did just miss those areas or did not do a good job of overlapping.

Anyway, I still think I want to at least give the smaller spot size with higher fluence approach a chance to see if it’s any more effective. I don’t know that it will be but I’m willing to try.

All the best! Do keep us updated :slight_smile:

So I went to a different place today and she did some test spots on my back with the GentleMax. On the yag side we did 12mm 5ms and 34-36J, and on the alex side we did 18mm 3ms and 10-12J.

It’s been a couple hours and all the test spots are red and bumpy, but I notice that the 12J spot it distinctly more red than the others. It was a little more painful too. It was done a little higher up on my back so maybe it’s because there are more follicles there, but it’s red enough that it seems like it can’t just be due to the number of hair follicles.

It’s been said many times on this forum that you’re better off with a yag at higher settings than an alex at lower settings for the sake of permanency. I don’t understand how a low alex setting that provokes a stronger skin reaction than a high yag setting can be the less permanent of the two. Can anyone make sense of this?

I think I spoke too soon. A few hours later and the other 3 test spots have become much more pronounced in their redness and kind of caught up with the 12J spot. I don’t know why they are only now becoming more red but oh well.

In any case, I know I’ve read here that GentleLase 18mm and 12J is too low to be reliably permanent so I’m hoping the GentleMax yag at 12mm 5ms and 36J will work well enough.

Yag’s settings are definitely good. Can you ask for DCD settings too?

When I saw the screen I think it was set at 50/30. I’ll try to confirm next time.

Please keep us updated androby. I like reading the up dates and experiences of people going thru LHR

Will do. My last full treatment was about 6 weeks ago, so right now I’m just waiting for the next hair cycle to come in.