My Laser Hair Removal Log

I am so overwhelmed at all the laser hair removal options and prices. I hate feeling the sales pressure to chose a clinic and buy a package deal. I am starting this thread to keep track of my results.

MedSpa #1 – I went for a free consultation a year ago. They use Lightsheer (Diode). The woman was very nice and answered my questions, seemed knowledgeable, but did not do a test spot. I did not know they were supposed to do a test spot at the time, but I decided to go to another MedSpa for a free consultation that had a “40% off package” special next…

MedSpa #2 – used GentleLase. I met with one RH for the consultation and she did a test spot under my chin. I am not sure what Jules(?) she used for this test spot. It did not hurt as much as I expected, even though I was really scared. The RN answered my questions but also seemed a little bitchy. But I figured bitchy was ok as long as she was thorough. And I liked that she did a test patch. She didn’t offer me ice, but I read on Yelp you could ask for it and they’d give it to you. So I did and I got my ice. I touched my test patch spot under my chin all day.

I decided to book two packages with MedSpa #2 (because of their “discount” packages). I booked a package of 5 underarm treatments $420 ($84 / treatment) and 8 full face treatments for $1680 ($210 / treatment). They said they normally don’t let you book a package of more than 5 but for my face they let me.


Appointment #1 - underarms (6/20/09)
Laser: GentleLase 12J

  • I scheduled my first appointment for the weekend after my consultation – spur of the moment sort of thing (that and the package deal was ending and I wanted to “take advantage of it”). The woman who did my consult was not available so I agreed to another RN, which kind of freaked me out but she had one really positive writeup on Yelp, so I hoped she’d be good.

  • I arrived 1 hour early to buy numbing cream and put it on. They gave me seran wrap and my own room. I applied the numbing cream to my armpits and after about an hour felt a little dizzy. Also took 3 extra strength tylenol. I’m a pain baby.

  • The RN was very no nonsense, in & out, even more than the first RN I saw. She looked at the laser in the room and said she had a better laser for me, and brought in the GentleLase. Which… I think was the one they used to do the test spot, but maybe for some reason my records got mixed up? She did the entire first treatment at 12J. I read that 12J is pretty light but didn’t say anything because wanted to trust her and see how it worked.

  • I didn’t hurt… that much. Granted, I was high on tylenol and numbing cream. The middle spot of the armpit hurt the most. She was very fast. I couldn’t tell if she got all the areas, but I wanted to think she was getting them all. She was done in less than 10 minutes, gave me some ice and left.

  • My armpits felt REALLY SMOOTH right away. Which was very exciting because I have never felt them that smooth in my life.

  • Of course, the hair grew back (it’s supposed to) and over the next couple of weeks started to shed.

  • I’m impatient and ADD so I helped it along with tweezers, but tried really hard not to pull out anything that wouldn’t have fallen out easily.

  • was pretty happy with results for a few weeks.


Called to make appointment #2 for armpits. Didn’t make face appointment yet because it was summer and was worried about getting a tan on vacation.

Found out the woman who did appointment # 1 was moving across the country and leaving the office. :frowning:

But the woman I had my consultation with was still there, so I scheduled an appointment with her.


Appointment #2 Armpits 8/8/09
Laser: GentleLase 12J

  • By now, a lot of the hair had grown back, but it was still thinner than it was before any treatments.

  • The RN who did my consultation did my underarm treatment quickly. When I asked, she said she was doing 12J.

  • I wondered if 12J was enough, but the first time it worked ok with my hair shedding so I figured I’d let her do 12J.

  • She seemed more thorough than the first RN, but I couldn’t really tell. She definitely went back over a few spots she said she “missed” so I guess she could see where my skin wasn’t lasered.

  • immediate results weren’t quite as good this time. Definitely felt smoother but had some bumps. Which was normal, I think.


In two weeks or so the hair fell out again. Well, most of it did. Not all of it.


Appointment #1 — Full Face
Laser: GentleLase 12J

I went for my first laser hair removal appointment for my full face on 9/19/09

  • I put numbing cream (a lot of it) on my upper lip and sideburns because I knew they would hurt the most and I took 2 tylenol.

  • I did not put numbing cream on my chin, I wanted to see if I could take it. Plus the numbing cream is expensive ($20 for a little tube)

  • I was kind of freaking out about the laser on my face. I think the RN was getting annoyed at me. I tried to remain calm. She tried to pretend to not be annoyed.

  • She started under my chin, which hurt more in some spots than others. The spot on my chin by the front hurt the most because there was no numbing cream there.

  • I had a blindfold type thing on so I couldn’t see where she was going next, which on one hand was good, on the other hand, freaked me out.

  • She went up and did my ENTIRE CHEEK. I did not expect her to do my entire cheek because I don’t have hair all the way over by my nose, but figured if I paid for it, might as well let her do it.

  • The spot right by my ear and also up my cheek closer to my eye was really scary. And I didn’t like the pain of the burn near my ear. I’m not sure if she went in my ear or not, probably not, but it felt like she was pretty darned close.

  • The worst was definitely the mustache area. Well, not the whole thing, since most of it was numb. But I guess she basically went in my nose, which is great - she got the hairs that stick out of my nose - but I did not realize I should put the numbing cream IN MY NOSE and that HURT LIKE A BITCH. It was over pretty quick but I had to make her stop once one side was done. I took a few seconds break and let her do the other side. Boy does that smell weird too.

  • I used three ice pouches for my face and I think the RN was annoyed at that. But she didn’t say she was. Then I was done.

  • I sat in the room after the treatment and cried. I have never felt my face so smooth (I have PCOS so hormones make me have facial hair)


1.5 weeks after treatment… definitely have some pepperspots. I’ve been really OCD about plucking the hairs out which is not ideal. Some have fallen out, others I probably pulled. I’m hoping they grow back in time to be hit by a later treatment, given that I’m going for 7 more.


Now I am shopping around for different packages for laser hair removal. I should not be spending this much money(!!!) but this is one of the major things that bothers me about my body. And if I can get rid of my hair I will be much, much happier.

I have an appointment with medspa #1 this Friday to try out LightSheer on my lower back for $250 (one treatment) with a package of 5 $865 or something like that ($173 / treatment). They are having a special now where the first package you buy is 30% off, second is 40%, and third and thereafter is 50% off. I am considering buying a lot of packages so I can get the 50% off. However, it does not make sense to get full legs because they are the most pricey so they will only be 30% off, makes more sense to buy 3 or more packages that are about the same price. Looking at getting any of the following done… legs, feet, bikini or brazillian, stomach, buttock, areolas, lower back. May also consider buying underarm package at 50% off if it truly is good price because way things are going, underarms will need more than 5 treatments. Hmm.

That said, I don’t trust laser hair removal spas because they are like timeshare sales people and will say whatever they have to in order to sell you packages. If they won’t post their prices, what is 50% off really worth? They can give you a higher price for a normal package so 50% seems good but really it is their normal rate.

I just wish there was some honesty in this business. It sounds like the retailers of the lasers are all assholes as well (reading horror stories on the internet about medspas dealing with their customer service departments) so I don’t blame them for having to sell so many packages to afford the lasers that will be useless in a few years time.

I’m very interested in seeing what the lightsheer laser is like vs. gentlelase. Also going to a consultation with a place that does the Apogee Elite. Not sure if they will do a test spot. Wanted to try the Soprano XL but cannot find a reputable place around here that uses it. I am not sure if I am overpaying for my packages… do any of you think I am? I think the underarms was a pretty good deal. One thing I refuse is to pay for additional treatments at a place after buying a package of 5… because that is really how they take you for your money. No way. I will go somewhere else, not paying more for a single treatment just because they won’t give me discount pricing for more treatments. Or I will buy a package of 3 somewhere else they let me do that.

We need to know the spot size for that 12J. Even on the largest 18mm spot size, it’s a low setting. If they used anything less than 18mm with it, you likely didn’t get permanent results and will need more treatments.

All treated hair should shed within 3 weeks no matter what. If more than 10% doesn’t, you should come in at that time to get a touchup since that means lots of spots were missed or settings were too low.

You don’t mention your skin type. That’s important for settings and picking the right machine.

Also, are you male or female? What kind of growth is on your face? How coarse?