My journey with 30 laser sessions, then Electrolysis!

HI all. I am 26 years old. I had laser sessions for my facial hair ( it was soft hair but black). But as a girl my sisters encouraged me to remove it.
I did 22 sessions - with shaving before every session-. Then decided to stop laser to check on the situation of my facial… After 2 monthes I found my hair taller and taller, and I had new hair grow on my neck.
After that I waxed it for 5 months, then I returned to laser treatment with hope to treat the problem. Now I had 30 laser sessions with more hair growth by time.

Now, I want to do Electrolysis for my facial hair.
Does it good and treat the situation? And how long it may take?
Any advise from experts
Please. I believe that all word that you say is honestly said. !
Thank you all.

//////////// Laser/IPL vs Electrolysis for Hair Removal – Which Method?/////////////

The fact that laser & IPL retard hair growth & it is semi-permanent hair removal,…

Based on my experience:
After I had my hair in certain areas removed by both laser (Trade name of the laser device: Candela Gentle … both 755 & 1069nm) & IPL. I also had got epidermal burn once from IPL hair removal resulting in hypopigmentation in that area for 5 yrs. Some hair will regrow after 3-5 yrs; some hair has been permanently removed.

I have had all of every single hair permanently removed from my underarms and from knees down to lower legs & ankles via Electrolysis during 1998-1999. It took less than 2 yrs to clear every single hair there for my case. Since then not even a single hair came back.

How much will hair regrow & how long does it take for hair to regrow after the original series of laser/IPL hair removal? This varies among individuals and varies among different body areas.

If u hv been treated with laser/IPL before, electrolysis will still 100% permanently remove every single hair. If the therapist is skilful it only takes a single treatment per follicle but the hair need to be there to be treated. Laser/IPL retards hair grow, so some hair may take longer to emerge out from follicle.

What I can conclude by this? => I warn consumers if they want to get a fast result/look they may choose to start with laser hair removal for first 4-6 sessions around 6-8 weeks apart then finish it with electrolysis => BUT

Big BUT => they may get hair free for some yrs & they may be hair regrow yrs after that & they may need to resume it with electrolysis if they want all hair gone permanently. This could take upto 5-6 years or longer in total. However, with this choice, you should achieve clean skin look within the first few months after starting of the journey, provided that you are a good candidate for LASER hair removal (a person with very fair skin coloured with dark, coarse & dense hair)

But if you choose to do electrolysis only since the start of your journey, it should take upto around 1 ½ – 2 yrs for average persons to have every single hair permanently cleared by electrolysis, depending on your commitment and the amount & density of your hair

Thank you Thinou, do you mean that every single hair will not appear after one treatment?
Or hair will regrow but weaker than the previous?

I believe this is what is suposed to happen, but i have read on here some electrolysists say it depends on the cycle of the hair growth it is in, others say it can be killed and not regrow again once it is treated.

So sorry to hear this happened to you, sounds like you had a similar experience to me.
I probably got my last laser session on the chin in 2019, it was only for what seemed like 5-6 dark chin hairs, then i had regrowth similar to yours, but more fine.

I have been getting electrolysis done, only about 8 hours into it as it isn’t a convenient location for me. I struggle to find time to get it done and then coming into work with a scabby face. I was quoted about 30 hours, so i still have quite a lot to go. I have already seen great results from electrolysis. I am having multi needle galvanic electrolysis done at the moment.
Good luck

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