My first treatment

Just wanted to share with everyone. Hoping this will help someone, as everyone else’s experiences have helped me. I had my very first electrolysis treatment today. She did the very sides of my mouth. I’m having my upper lip done.
It was only a 15minute session, just because she was short on time. She uses the Thermolysis method. I could feel slight, very slight stinging, as she was treating the hairs. I did feel the tug that people talk about, as she was pulling the hair out. Which was great. The tug did not feel like tweezing. To me, tweezing is more painful. She did tell me as we get towards the center of the lip, I might opt for the ELMA, (spelling?), which I will call my dermatologist for. I do have swelling & redness tonight. But nothing freakish or anything. I feel like it compares to a trip to the dentist and your mouth is still a little numb when you get home. I can live with that! I also wanted to share, because I’m prone to pigmentation changes, I’ve had recent problems in this area, my dermatologist recommended I stay out of the sun as much as possible for at least a week. So I plan to wear Total Block sunscreen & avoid the sun. But the electrologist assured me, if pigmentation problems do occur, it is not permanent. It is temporary! The way I figure it is, it’s still got to be better than all the hair, right? And hopefully never having to wax or tweeze again. Hallelujah! Anyway, I’m very excited, wished I did this years ago! I do have one question for anyone that can help. How do I go about getting the maximum benefits from each session? How can I prep this area, for my next treatment, as much as possible, in trying to assure my hairs will be in the growing stage? From reading around here, that seems to give you the best chances of not having the hairs grow back once they’re treated. Thanks for any help.

Thnx u soo much for posting that info…i’m sure it will really help allot ov people with there research about electolysis…

by the way did she use thermolosis cause its facial or??/

tnx allot again

She only performs the Thermolysis method. So I guess whether it’s facial or body hair, that’s what she uses. I guess whatever the electrologist’s preference is. Apparently some prefer one over the other. In reading around here, it seems most common methods used are Blend and Thermolysis. But the key is to find a experienced & licensed electrologist. Take care :grin: .

Thanks for sharing your experiences! Pigmentation change is usually temporary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid sun in the treated area before and after electrolysis. This will greatly reduce the risk of problems.

Even though it’s temporary, no one wants dsicoloration that can last a few days to a few months! Play it safe and use sunblock if you’re getting electrolysis or laser.

There are some tips for increasing effectiveness under the Tips and Referrals section.

I’m gald you are pleased so far, and keep us posted!

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In general, a person who takes care of one’s self is the best electrolysis client.

A person who is properly hydrated, who doesn’t smoke, is caffine free the day of treatment, who doesn’t get drunk the night before treatment, and who is not overly stressed out will have the best possible treatment. That person will have the least sensation, and the lowest settings.

If one is fond of the vices I have mentioned, it is best to clean up one’s act for the hours preceeding electrolysis treatment, if only for the sake of not needing a topical, or not needing so much numbing agent.

Give your practitioner healthy hydrated skin, and you will get faster treatment, that is also comfortable.

Hey, my last treatment on my back was pretty painful (but worth it!) - if i go to my dermatologist can he prescibe me a cream that will numb my skin completely? i heard the stuff they sell over the counter will only numb it to a certain point…

Even the stuff your doctor will help you get only works so much. Your compliance with proper application and “setting” or “Curing” will also add, or subtract to the level of pain management you obtain.

You should apply the topical at least 30 mins (if not an hour) before treatment. An occulsive dressing should be used. Heat also helps the topical to numb you even more, so a heating pad of some sort , or hot towel would aid in getting better numbing if you need it.