My first foray into the field of Waxing...

Ok… So, basically, I am a hairy person…

My hair isn’t very thick… it’s actually kinda soft to the touch. I have hair all over my body except for the middle to lower back.

I will do anything for a woman who asks me to, a bit of a door mat for womens desires.

My friend told me to get a brazilian done and then we thought about it and she changed her mind to have me wax my entire body.

I have been completely hairless before because I got bored one day and shaved my body. I liked the feeling.

I’ve never actually waxed myself using wax but I’ve done so using Duct tape. I find that it will rip the hair out and I have no redness or swelling afterwards. The hair ripping out of my body doesn’t bother me I’ve let people rip hair off of my body, so therefore waxing is the best option.

Well, all this background info is just because this is my first post. Now to the real questions.

Now, as I am a do-it-yourself-er, are there any recipes for a home made wax that are out on the web that you would recommend or should I stick to a store bought wax? which brand?

I like the cooling sensation of menthol, is there anything I can use with menthol? Or with scents, or scents that i may add myself, I want to smell purdy.

I will be doing this all at home except for the “private parts” with which I will get professionally done. Now, as I plan to document this entire thing, do you think that a professional would mind if I had someone filming me or if I set a recording camera on a counter somewhere to get this done?

What would be a good average price for a professional brazilian?

And also do I need to have my hair a certain length to wax effectively? Because if it’s a pain thing I really don’t care, but if it’s required for the wax job to be done well then I will gladly do so.

And I think this is my last question… How long will my hair have to grow out to after the waxing before I have to wax again? Will I pretty much just look awkward for a week or two with all of these short quarter inch hairs all over my body?

I am welcoming your answers and mostly, if not all, will be greatly appreciated.

I would only recommend store bought wax. Home made wax seems too much of a hassle. If you want to buy wax from a drug store then I recommend Nair wax, but if you want to buy wax from a beauty store, then I recommend you go to any beauty store or Sephora store and just see what wax they have. But don’t buy professional wax because that can get too sticky and messy.

Before waxing, put baby powder on the area you want waxed. After waxing put baby oil to smooth skin and remove excess wax. That’ll also make you smell good.

Why do you want to document your body waxing?

The hair must be no shorter than 1/8 of an inch, and no longer than 1/2 an inch. If it’s too short, it won’t be pulled off by the wax. If it’s too long, then the hair will just broken off and the root will still remain inside the follicle.

Ok… no on the home made wax, got it.

Umm… I want to document my waxing because it would be fun. And that same friend is away, out of the country, and it would be a fun thing to watch when they get back.

And literally, while tyiping this, I found out my aunt has professional waxing stuff from working in a salon… interesting…

But yeah also my other question… is it safe to menthol or scent?

You should try ‘Parissa body sugar’. Is very good!

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Trust me filming would not be fun for your wax professional. Leave the kinky videoing at home. She doesn’t want to be in it. Just asking could get you band from the facility. Never mind the legal implications for a facility not licensed to film It is hard enough for men to get waxed as it is. Don’t blow it.

Thanks for this excellent post!

DIY Brazilian is not gonna be easy or fun. I’d go pro.

If you want to get into specifics about the Brazilian, please start a thread in the mature topics area.