my first facial hair removal experience

Hello all. I just had my first treatment today for
removing my facial and neck hairs. It lasted about 45
minutes total. I was numbed up with only ice cube i
heard about the actual numbing gel but they didnt have
that in theyre shop ( i dont know if thats a good
thing now?), they said you can buy them @ a local drug
store / pharmacy. The Nurse used a laser on my whole
face and neck, it took about 15 mins for each side of
my cheeks and about 30 for my neck area. She used a
‘iridex apex 800’ aesthetic laser on seeting of 12 for
the whole time ( anyone got any more knowledge on the
settings or go higher please let me know?). I am not
going to lie, it was slightly painful but not too
much, im a 25 year old male and theyre are worst
things in this world then the laser zapping your hair
follicles. If i was feeling a little more intense hit
from the laser i would then ask her and she would stop
and use the special ice on my face and numb it for
another 2 to 3 minutes and when she continued w the
laser it was that much more tolerable. This is due to
the fact that i have coarse hair on my face so the
more thick / coarse the more you feel the laser
because it takes that much more power to heat up the
hair follicles every time. The thinner/finer hair the
less power you need thus the less painful. So tehre is
my experience w my first treatment, slightly painful
but any numbing from the ice will take that away, dont
be too scared or wimpy, its not that bad. its mostly
in your head if you think about it. anyways, i wrote
this to get some feeedback from people who have
already a couple treatments under theyre belt, maybe
could give me some advice? Some comments about the
laser i was treated with? the time it took? and
comments on the rest of this letter. Any thing would
be helpful and really appreciated being that im going
into this thing alone, and solely from blogs / walk in
experience. All in all i was left with a pretty good
impression and i think that everything will go great.
Please get back and to those who havent gone yet and
are thinking about pursuing this i hope this helped
you out.

I have one BIG question. i have posted my experience in a couple of groups and i have never gotten ANY replies, why ??? is there something wrong with my post? was it a terrible story? is there a virus attached? what the @#$@ can some one please tell me what is the deal? is it an irritating thread? i thought it was pretty informative… please just tell me what you thought. ANYTHING.

your experience sounds normal. you didn’t mention your skin and hair type. results can only be evaluated 2-3 weeks post treatment. if the hair doesn’t shed, the settings were not high enough. this is a diode laser i believe, best for light skin and dark hair.

im not sure what you mean by skin and hair type, but if you mean what i think you mean then My hair is black, coarse, and my skin color is fair light skin.

im not sure what you mean by skin and hair type, but if you mean what i think you mean then My hair is black, coarse, and my skin color is fair light skin.

This is the first time I’ve seen your post. The Apex is a diode laser. There is one error in what you’ve been told. Thinner, finer hair requires higher fluence to treat, not lower. If you have coarse hair the Apex has enough fluence, it goes up to 40J. You may not need higher fluences to get most of your beard. As your beard hair is removed and thins out, they should be increasing the fluence to maintain effectiveness.

If you get to a point where you have maxed out on fluence and 40J no longer works, you can switch to a more powerful diode laser like the Lightsheer or Sonata. But, like I said, 40J may be enough. You are probably not being treated at 40J now as you still have a lot of coarse hair.

I have had 6 treatments on my beard with the Sciton and Lyra-i lasers. They are Nd:YAG lasers at 1064 nm and are better for dark skin. I get no post treatment redness and my beard is about 80% gone.


wow that is great to hear man, how long have you been doing it for? how much was the price for each individual treatment or are you on a contract? Do you have any before/after photos? whee are you located?

What is 40j? what does the j stand for ?
what is the diff between a diode and yag laser?
I had the settings at 20 highest setting, it was lightly painful but i was able to sit through it, with no numbing cream at all, just ice packs smoothed over my face before each time she would laser the areas. i only had 1 treatment and im not sure BUT i think that i seen a little patch of hair from my neck missing! because i notice my neck all the time i shave it, with its red bumps all over the bottom area, anyways. pls get back

how do i post my pics on here so you can see what my facial hairs look like ? beware im ugly

40J stands for 40 joules. that’s the power setting that’s changeable on the laser.

diodes are for light skin and dark hair, yag lasers are made for darker skins to prevent burns.

to see if the treatment worked, you need to give it 2-3 weeks. all treated hair should shed at that time. if it didn’t, it didn’t work. that’s how you know.