My First Experience

Well, I went for the test patches today. Whoever said it feels like a rubber band snapping you has it right. But it’s not horrid and I can deal with it (or premedicate with a 222.)

My tech took the time to answer all my questions (and I had many after reading here.) I’m an optimal type (dark hair with very pale skin).

She used a GentleLase. First one she did at 10 Joules, second at 12. I asked for a higher setting test based on what I read here. She said what she did would work, but tried the 14. Yeouch. I felt that one.

So now I wait 2 weeks and then I start my first treatment. She says 4-6, although in my case she thinks 4 or 5 might suffice.

Here’s hoping. I’m hoping that it’ll get rid of most of the hair and NOT make things worse (adding hair.)

If it works, I’ll think seriously about underarms and then maybe next year, lower legs.

for best results and best value for your money, and especially since you have pale skin, you should be treated at at least 18-20 joules on GentleLASE. Low settings may also make the hair come back in finer instead of killing it, which will make it harder to laser to target afterwards.

good luck

BLee, I had my first laser treatment on chin and upper lip 3 and a half weeks ago. I would concur with LAgirl that the higher settings are of utmost importance. I am using Lightsheer Diode and the tech started me at 34 joules. It was unpleasant on areas where the hair was most dense and I had redness, puffiness etc for several days afterward. I would estimate that 65-75% of the hair shed at two plus weeks. New hair is staring to surface(presumably that which was dormant), but even after just one treatment. I have dramatic improvement. I still have to shave the area, but it takes a FRACTION of the time it used to. Pain or no, I cannot wait for my second appointment. I wished I had done this years ago. I told my husband that even if it cost me a thousand bucks to be rid of my hair issues that it would be worth it. Unfortunately, my cost estimate was about right on the money. :slight_smile:

So far, so good. My hair is shedding now and boy does it look better. I’m hopeful that this will work over time, but if the initial response is any indication, I’ll be pleased.

thank you for sharing your experience with us, please keep updating.
I will do the same thing. Today I started to call and make appointments, I feel so confident after obtaining all this information, I know what to expect.