my first epilation!

Ummm, I just tried my new epilator (Braun 3370) on my leg and I’m a bit confused…

Firstly, it was definitely NOT as painful as everyone was making it out to be. I found it similar to a “pricking” and as I continued I could hardly feel it. But I guess I’m one of the lucky ones cuz people have different pain barriers.

I’ve got really sensitive skin and I tend to get huge red welts from even the slightest things such as me runnign my nail over my skin lightly but compared to how bad it could be, I think its not that bad. It’s been about 4 hours since I used my epilator and now the red bumbs and swelling have disappeared completely, which is great cuz I just applied aloe vera afterwards which helped!

I don’t know how long this will last, cuz i just did it 4 hrs ago but lest hope it is up to 4 weeks!

The only problem is that my epilator seems to not to able to “pull” out all the hair. I went over a few places a few times cuz there was a strand or two left and it didn’t do anything and in the end I ended up with a few strands left in a number of places which sucked cuz it doesnt give me a smooth feeling. And it also seemed like it couldnt pluck some of smaller hairs out…(these hairs were not that short, cuz they were visible) Maybe I’m doing something wrong or not using it properly, but I did used it on a 90 degree angle to my skin and I went over places too, anyone have any idea what the problem might be and why it’s not plucking the other hair that is left behind? Thats about the only thing that I didn’t like…

Sounds like you’re doing well. Watch what angle you hold it at and the speed you pass it over your skin. That’s the single biggest first time epilator concern, that it doesn’t get all the hairs on the first pass. People compare it to a shaver, but it’s a different concept. I usually go over an area once, and feel for hairs rather than look. If there area still hairs remaining, I pass it over that area either in a different direction, or by varying the angle, and that usually gets it. Like I posted before, there’s a lot of technique needed to be learned. You’ll get a lot better and your time needed to clear your legs will get reduced. As for plucking, I would never go back over an area plucking with tweezers. The tweezers grab your skin and put a bunch of marks on your legs, It’s a temptation to resist. After you finish a session, just leave everything alone till the next session or ‘in-between shave’. I know it’s frustrating to have a little few hairs there to ruin the feeling of total smoothness, but that’s just one of epilatings drawbacks. Shaving clears everything, but it only lasts a day, epilating lasts a lot longer. Use the Tend Skin, or something like it, That will make you feel a whole lot smoother. I strongly recommend it! Ask if you have any more questions Pinacolada.