My first electrolysis appointment.

Today I had my first electrolysis appoint at the town and country salon in arknsas with a woman named Nelda Wray who said she has 32 years of experiance. She didn’t wear gloves, which bothered me, but her office was very clean and she cleaned her equipment infront of me. I had a one hour session and I must say…it was more painful than I had imagined. Not unbearable and not tear inducing but painful. I saw less of a clearance than I’d like to have seen but I must say I do have too high hopes. I have dark coarse hair that grows on my chin, under my chin, my upper lip, and the sides of my face. She worked on my chin and under my chin today. She is an older woman and her information seemed a bit dated in the way that she spoke. She could not give me an estimation on how long the treatments would take because “everyone is different” but she was a very nice woman and I have another appointment on Monday. I guess my questions are why do i feel disappointed and what do i have to expect in starting this journey? thank you for your time.

Although many states have regulations mandating gloves to be worn during treatments, and the AEA standards outline that gloves should be worn, and many who work in states without those regulations wear them anyway, there is no problem with one who does not wear gloves, as long as that person maintains proper handwashing between clients.

A picture of your treatment area would be helpful in guessing at the severity of your required work.

What you could expect to be your treatment experience would vary with the number of different practitioners that you might visit. That is why we recommend you get many sample treatments and consultations before you settle on who you will do your work with.

Hello SpaceCadet, I feel like I can relate to you pretty well. I have hair growth in the same places as you. My first appointment was similar to yours as well. I went in growing my chin for the past week and she couldn’t remove it all in the hour. What method of electrolysis does she use? Blend, the one that my electrologist uses, takes a few seconds per hair. Also, my electrologist doesn’t wear gloves either but does wash her hands properly before she starts. I actually prefer her not wearing gloves so she has a better grip and also her cold fingers help ease the pain for me!

Like I said, I felt the same way as you. A bit disappointed since I have high expectations and wanted a cleared chin but by my third session, I had all of the coarse hairs on my chin gone. I’m still in the beginning stages of my treatment but I’m satisfied with the way things are turning out.