My First Appointment...Need Advice

I finally got my guts up to schedule my very first laser hair removal appointment. I did some research and I finally ended up picking --------------> Does this dr. look qualified enough to do this? Just to let you know, I DID NOT pick this dr. just because he was on television. He just seemed the most qualified in my search. Not to be too pushy, but my appointment is on Thursday, which is about a day away, so if I could get some input before then. I must also let you know that the nurse told me over the phone that there was 30% off all laser treatment done in June. Is this a bad thing? I’m kinda happy cause it would save me a lot of money, but I don’t want to risk my health. Cost was never an issue in my search, so if this is a bad thing PLEASE let me know.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Shy Girl


I read this at the site that made me wonder about the permantancy

The laser treatments work by actually disabling the hair that is in the active growth phase at the time of the treatment

this sounds more of a stun gun

According to their website, they use the Lightsheer diode laser, which is apparently quite good. I would expect you will get at least some results from this laser - it is certainly not a scam.

The most important thing to judge is the experience/skill of the person actually doing the work, and the only way to find this out is to talk to them. Ask them if a doctor does a consultation before the treatment, and then who will be doing the treatment itself. Ask about their qualifications, training, and how much experience they have with the particular laser you will be using. There’s a useful list of questions on (somewhere) that you may like to read and ask them as well.

Regarding having the treatment done in June - well, Summer isn’t the best time, depending on what areas you’re having done. You may have to stay out of the sun for up to a week after the treatment, and if you have a tan the treatment will likely not be as effective. Keep in mind though that you will need a series of treatments (spaced 2-3 months apart), not just one, and so eventually you’ll be having one in Summer anyway!

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Thanks for the quick responses. When I scheduled my consultation, the lady told me a nurse would be doing the consultation. I didn’t ask who would be doing the actual work, but I will at the consultation. Over the phone, she told me they have a lot of different types of lasers and they will test to see which one is the best for me. I found the questionaire thing for the doctors on the site. Thanks for the advice. I’m certainly going to print that out and take it with me to my appointment. I also work a lot so I’m not in the sun at all really. I’m not the type of girl to go out and tan anyway.

Thanks again for the quick responses.