My Face, Upper Lip, Neck & Underarms are still RED

I had electrolysis done to most of my face, neck and underarms.

Sadly, I am now experiencing redness and some tightness on my face when I smile.

I do NOT look ugly, but I need to find a way to get Rid Of The Redness and go back to my Original White Skin Color.

I am willing to do just about anything to fix this problem.

Does anybody know if any kind of Laser Machines can Help Correct this problem?

Currently, I am seeing a Dermatologist and they gave me some kind of pill to take for five days and some special liquid to put on my face for 10 minutes at a time to let the liquid sit there and doing this three times per day which is a hell of a job.

In any case, I am willing to seek out any good advice and tips from anybody who knows about what I am going through and Yes, I can send you pictures if you want to see what my face looks like.

My email address is:

My facebook is under: HOWARD PAUL SHORE

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
Angry and Upset Electrolysis Customer


That’s a lot of missing information (also I’m not sure why you made a large number of threads all with the exact same topic).

How long was your session? How long ago was your session? Do you have pictures to post here of the redness areas you’re concerned about?

It takes time for the skin to go back to what it does after a session. The more you do to try and fix the “problem” (which problem isn’t even the correct word since there’s very rarely a problem), usually the worse it gets.