my experiences with electrolysis..

hi… i am a 18 year old male who has finally turned to electrolysis after being very unhappy with my laser results. ever since i turned 16 i had to deal with hair growing on my neck in all different directions, which made me have unattractive razor burn everytime i shaved the area. this made me very depressed so i had to find a solution. my first choice was to get laser because i heard it was permanent and had never even heard about electrolysis. after about 5-6 treatments i noticed that the problem became worse…i was actually growing more hair on my neck! so my next move was to try electrolyis after hearing about it. so far i have endured 4 treatments over the past 8 weeks for 2 hours at a time at a lucy peters office. although at times it is painful i deal with it to reach my goal of permanent hair removal on this area. already i have seen a decrease in the numbers of hair and am quite pleased. the woman that works there and gives me my treatments told me that i will need anywhere from 20-30 hours to get my neck totally hair free with permanent results. is this true? could it even be less? thank you for your time!

btw, you’re young. that means, you’re still developing hair. that means when you’re seemingly done with electrolysis, you should count on coming in for touchups on the NEW growth you will get after that in the next 5-6 years regardless.

btw, out of curiousity. what is your skin and hair type? what place did you go for the laser treatments? what laser did they use?

is there a chart or something i can distinguish my skin and hair type from? and i went to my dermatologist for my laser sessions and im not exactly sure which brand he used. all i do know is that it hurt like hell and left my skin badly irritated for about 2 weeks after treatment…