My Experience

First, a little bit about me (to put this all into context!)…

Mediterranean Female
Light Skin
Diode Lightsheer Laser
Area treated: Chin/Neck/Upper Lip

The attendant first put the cooling gel on my skin. Then she proceeded to singe my hairs off! It felt so strange…I could smell the hair burning, but the pain was not quite acute. What I felt was the laser going really deep down into my skin, like little pin pricks.

Then, after the treatment was finished she gave me a mirror and instead of seeing hair-free skin, I saw the singed hairs sitting on the surface of my skin! There was redness around the treated area, which was treated with aloe vera gel. Then I went home.

Back in my apartment, I had some dinner, then, as I was cleaning up my kitchen, I looked into the mirrored backsplash to notice that, while overall redness had gone down, my skin had begun to turn very blotchy! Not the best look, I must admit: pink skin, big blotches all over, with little singed hairs sticking out. There were also little cuts on my chin.

After pacing around the apartment for a couple of hours, the blotchiness began to fade. After a good night’s sleep, I woke up to find little red dots all over my chin and neck with decreased redness from the day before.

My skin is sensitive. It blotches when I wax, tweeze…in fact, it looks as if I just received a lot of electrolysis right now. I am wondering why my skin reacted this way. Could it be the fact that the hair follicles were so deep below the skin? Upon pulling each hair out, I noticed that, while the tip was visible, 1/4 inch of hair was underneath!

I expect the remainder of the blotchiness to go away. I assure you, an hour post-treatment had me scrambling for my camera to send Andrea some ‘disaster’ shots! Has anyone had a similar experience?

I was treated with a ruby laser, and I had quite thick, dense facial hair.

I made a note of the effects phases in my diary…

Day 0

  • treatment day (Saturday morning)

Day 0 thru day 2

  • shaving is very hard
  • hairs are singed, and catch on clothing - that hurts
  • the area is red and very sore looking

Day 3 thru day 6

  • the treated area is a dark brown

Day 7 thru day 10

  • the skin has calmed down, and the hair density is begining to reduce

Day 11 thru 15

  • clear!!

Day 16 thru 20

  • some regrowth is visible
  • little bald patches remain

Day 21 thru 30

  • density is increasing again (apparently to what is was before treatment, but that’s difficult to judge without counting hairs!!)

Toni, I was treated with the diode and the area has completely calmed down since my treatment two days ago.

The area never turned brown - however the skin is starting to shed somewhat. I’m thinking that the brown skin you speak of is in the ‘pre-shed’ stage.

The hairs were traumatized to the point of no return! I don’t think they have the guts to grow back at this point! I am hoping for some success in light of this experience. My initial reaction was similar to yours and others I have heard about however I found that those who were treated with the diode had somewhat better results. Good luck :smile:

Sorry I’ve been away!

Some redness and blotchiness is common with laser or electrolysis. The amount is highly variable and can be controlled someone if the practitioner is skilled. However, a certain amount is unavoidable. If you’re lucky, most will subside in a day or so.