My Experience with LightSheer (URL)

Thought I would add my experiences to the list. Hair removal of whole leg using LightSheer diode laser. Please follow this link to read it. Photo’s included so you can see results. Hope this helps someone! :wink:

When I get my Lightsheer treatment the worst pain and redness (which isn’t very much) is right after the treatment session and most of the redness disappears rapidly.

Which Lightsheer machine did they use? EC or ET? I had the ET which can do up to 60 Jules. But do to my darker skin they only treat me at 45 Joules. The EC version only goes up to 40 Joules. With your light skin you may be able to handle 60 Joules.


I’m guessing it was the ET, as she turned it up to 60 joules. I will have a closer look today.

You are very fortunate if you can take 60 Joules. They say my skin is too dark for that. 60 Joules will make your treatment more effective if you can tolerate it.

My practitioner has done an excellent job balancing between maximum fluence for effectiveness and not too much that would result in skin damage. I can handle 45 quite well as long as I wait for my tan to fade enough.



Hope the results turn out good. Although I’m sure there’s a few guys here who would much prefer to have your lighter, finer hair. It’s not that dark or noticible IMO.

The test patches you had may not have reacted as well since your hairs are light. As you noticed with the hairs stopping to grow after 2 weeks, that was normal. During the first 2 weeks, my hair appears to grow, but it’s actually dead hair… and eventually falls out or brushes away. Some hair though doesn’t respond to the laser, and continues to grow. Just remember… it can take up to 6 sessions to get complete results. Although since your hair isn’t very thick, it should take less.

Good luck and nice informative site!


Thanks for your comments. The photos didn’t really show just how thick and course the hair is, especially on my thighs. As you say, not a bad hair coverage for a bloke, and if I WAS a man, I would be proud of it. Unfortunately, I’m a female, and it is certainly not anywhere near approaching a “normal” hair pattern for a girl. I was crucified at school, and have spent my life in long pants and jeans so as to avoid the horrible snyde remarks of people who have no business to make them, making me repulsed by my own appearance. I have all my hopes hanging on this treatment to make me “normal”.

BTW, I loved your site. I can’t believe how great your results are on your arms after just 2 treatments. I hope I can get results like that too. Reading other peoples experiences really helps when you are “new” to all this laser stuff, as there don’t seem to be many people who you can talk to other than those selling the treatments.

Take care, and good luck!

Oh, and RJC2001,

I took careful note of the lightsheer machine they used on me, and it said on it that it was the EC, however it does go up to 60 joules, 'cause I asked?? I wonder if it is an upgraded model or something?? Most of my treatment was done at 55 joules rather than 60, as she said that was a bit too strong for my skin.

Bye for now.

Fleabag :relaxed:

I looked at to double check the maximum fluence levels on the different Lightsheer products. It is the ST that has a maximum fluence level of only 40J.

The EC is probably the older larger machine and it looks like it does 60J also. The ET is one of the newer portables that does 60J. Sorry for the error.

Some of you may want to check out the lemenis site. If you do be sure and click on Light News and read about DR. Takahashi (sp?) and his use of the Lightsheer in his practice.


Boy, I’m away for a few days, and two members post photos and experiences. That was always my dream with this site! I am so excited!

Thanks so much to Fleabag for taking the time to share all that great first-hand experience! :relaxed:

Definitely keep us up to date! HairTell readers rock the house! :grin:


Thanks for your very kind comments, but I have gained much more from your site than I could ever possibly put back. It has been a godsend to me, and I’m sure others feel the same. Body hair is such an embarrassing topic and it is so hard to talk about to people you know (or even don’t know!). Your site is just the bees kneecaps.

Thanks so much for all the effort you put into making and maintaining it.

You’re the best!

Fleabag. :stuck_out_tongue: