My experience with Lightsheer on beard


I’m a 20 y.o male, with brown skin (1/2 indian).

6 days ago I got my beard treated with Lightsheer.
I was very skeptical in the beginning (concerned about burns and discolourations), but after
6 months planning I finally decided to go for it.

My beard is very dense, thick and I have many
ingrown hairs. Normally I’m only able to shave
once a week because my skin gets very sore and
irritated for several days after shaving.

I’ve read that it’s important to do a test patch

  • I asked the nurse for a test patch (only nurses and doctors can treat people with laser here) but
    she said that it was not necessary because they
    start with the lowest fluence (12 j) and they had
    so many experiences with brown skinned people without negative side effects…

The treatment:
She started out with 12 j. I felt that this was quite painfull, and therefore she then went down to 11 j. This might sound a bit too low, but remember that I’m brown skinned at have pitch black thick hair.
The treatment lasted for about 45 minutes.
I could smell burned hair (it smells like popcorn!), and every zap was quite painfull - but only painfull in the few nanoseconds the zap lasted, so all in all the treatment was bearable. After the treatment she applied aloe vera gel on my face and when I came home I had bags with ice
on my face (remember to have a towel between the skin and the ice bag). The day after I looked like…not nice at all! My face was read and bumpy and I felt like someone chopped my face
like a piece of meat… :smile:

The redness went away after 3 days. After 4 days
you can see where the laser is zapped, it’s not even, the laser is zapped equally all over the
area, but no more than 50 % (if the hole area is 100 %). It might be because the nurse wanted to be a little bit careful ? Anyway, I now got brownish spots on my face - they gradually fade away - but I think it may last up to 2-3 weeks before the skin is restored to normal condition.

Now, it’s gone 6 days, and I can easyli pull out the hair with a pinsette where the spots are. This is what satisfyes me - that the hair nearly falls out!

My second treatment is 5 weeks from now - my goal is to get rid of as much hair as possible (around 60-80 %). The nurse said that it might take up
to 10 treatments. She is goint to increase the flucence with 2 j with every treatment.

Oslo, Norway.


Thank you for the great report, Casper! :smile:

Male beard removal requires a big commitment. As you note, the treatment is not done evenly-- you will have areas that were not treated after each session, because the round laser shape leaves spaces between each circular blast. Some men have not been happy with the uneven or patterned hair loss, which may require explaining, but you have to think of this as a long-term thing and not worry about the short-term look.

Your technician is smart to start low and move your energy level up. This helps to redice the appearance of the circles, or any striping caused by doing treatment in vertical lines .

Please keep us up to date on your proigress, and good luck!


That was a very encouraging report. It lends credence to Lumenis’ claim that the Lightsheer can be used successfully on darker skin.

It is normal for laser treatments on the beard to be painful. I had the lower part of by beard where it starts on my neck treated and it was painful. However after one treatment in that area almost all of the hair was gone. And that was with the Apogee.