My experience with Light Sheer and Aurora, please HELP if you have some information

Hello Everybody!

Just wanted to share my experiences with Laser Hair Removal, and see if I get some feedback.

I am a female, thirty years of age, and have had a problem with facial hair for quite a few years now. Almost a year ago, May of 2003, I started going through laser treatments on my chin and upper lip. I went to American Laser Center (it is a chain, they give you good price if you purchase a package, and they guarantee you will be hair free after six treatments, and if not, they will treat you for two years, starting from the last treatment, for free). Seemed like a good deal at the time :smile:

Oh well, my sixth treatment took place at the end of December, and I am not even close to being hair free. The first four treatments were done using Light Sheer, it was quite effective the first two times, I saw hair fall down a week after treatment, then results were not as dramatic, but there was a week or two in between the treatments were hair grew much slower. It seemed to be the usual pattern with Light Sheer that 6-7 weeks from the treatment I had the same amount of hair. But in all fairness, the amount of hair is very difficult to quantify, so I was assuming it was different hairs, the ones that were not treated yet.

Then my center switched me on Aurora. They said it was going to be much more effective and less painful. Yes it was less painful, but who cares? I could easily tolerate Light Sheer. As far as effectiveness goes, I am not so sure. I did not see any reduction even in between my treatments, the maintenance, however, was better then with Light Sheer. Avery clean shave was very easy to achieve, and it lasted for 15 hours without a problem, not even a hint of little hairs, after 24 hours I could see and feel the hairs, but nobody else did.

I shared my concerns with my technician, and obviously, I was not the only one to complain about the effectiveness of Aurora, so they brought back the Light Sheer, and I got my seventh treatment on the Light Sheer 5 days ago. It is too soon to say anything about the results, but one thing I know for sure; I am not going to be hair free after this treatment either.

I don’t know if Laser is the answer for permanent hair removal. One thing for sure, my life had become much easier since I started Laser treatments. Shaving takes two minutes, and I was plucking hair every day for 30 minutes at least, before the Laser. So in two years, if I still have facial hair, like I suspect I will, I will have to come up with new game plan: electrolysis, new laser package, or whatever, but I am not going back to plucking, that is one thing for sure!

Do you, experienced people :smile: think, that I would have had better results had they did not switch Laser machines on me? I am doing my treatments spaced at seven weeks, First three treatments were spaced six weeks apart. Should I change the frequency to get better results? Anybody has any idea which Laser would work better on light skin coarse dark hair on the chin and upper lip. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, polki.

Wow, Polki you have a lot of things going here. First of all, have you had any issues with any kind of hormone imbalance? IE: Pcos, or Insulin resistance. Facial hair on women is not normal, so it is often a hormone issue which must be addressed along with the hair removal, regardless of what type of hair removal you decide on. Another big issue is the tweezing/plucking thing. When a hair is tweezed, it can take up to a year for that follicle (in the face) to produce a hair. If you are tweezing everyday, you can see how many of the follicles will NOT be treated with any kind of hair removal. We must wait for the follicle to produce a hair in order to treat it, so stop tweezing. There is really no procedure that can guarantee 100% permanent removal of hair, especially on the face. 70-90% reduction is more realistic, with the remaining hair much finer and sparser in texture and density. Patience is important with hair removal, plus realistic expectations. It is unfair to promise complete hair removal to a prospective client, especially when it comes to facial hair on women. Please investigate the hormonal issues with a savvy endocrinologist, and be patient with the hair removal. You are a work in progress, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi Polki,
I am wondering why we are getting treated differently by the same chain?
I am getting treated at 12 week intervals by American Laser Center (in Michigan).
I was told they do it 10 to 12 weeks apart.
I started in March of 2003 and have only had 5 treatments, 4 with the Lightshear & 1 with Aurora.
I am wondering if I should call them up & demand to be redone with the Lightshear because I know I’ve had results with it or should I wait & see how the Aurora works?
Anyone out there have advice for me?

I am also in Michigan and getting treated at American Laser Centers at 12 week intervals. I am due for my second appt in April.

Thank you for your reply, hairfetish.

I stopped plucking hairs 9 months ago, at the same time as I started my Laser treatments. I know that my facial hair is caused by some sort of hormonal imbalance, but I had work with a very good enologist a few years back, and went through a lot of testing, just to find out that the hormonal imbalance is minimal, and does not warrant any hormonal therapy.

Also, for the last year I was breastfeeding, and just stopped, so I am hoping that my hormones will have a chance to stabilize after pregnancy and year long breastfeeding period, and I will start getting better results. Plus, soon it is going to be a year since my last tweezing! Hopefully all of those hairs will come out to be treated.

Thanks for your answers, polki.

Hi cuzn_it!

When I first came to American Laser Centers, they told me that the frequency of treatment depends on the area that you are treating. For facial hair they practice a standard of 7-10 weeks, I wanted six weeks in the beginning, and so they agreed. For other areas, like legs, for example it would be 10-12 weeks apart.

The frequency of treatment depends on the cycle of hair growth in the particular area; you need to wait enough time for new hair to be there when you go for your next treatment. Hair Growth Cycle on the face is much shorter then on other parts of the body.

As far as the Aurora being the new laser for ALC, I have no clue. At first they told me that it was going to be the new machine, but due to customer reaction, I don’t think they are going to do so, it seems that now we will have a choice of the Laser, at least in my location. For some people Aurora does work best, wait and see what kind of results you will get this time. Keep us posted as to your experiences.

Thanks, polki.

Hi Polki,

If you’re in Chicago, I’ve been having great results at the Lakeview Laser center.
I had coarse chin hair (I’m female) and had to constantly pluck it - we’re talking about tackling it every single day.
I had five treatments with Dr. Ghidorzi and the chin is now almost clear. There are a few remaining stragglies but I haven’t had to touch the area for months. My fifth treatment was in February - I just went back today for a touch-up.
If you want to consider switching, this might be an option. Dr. Ghidorzi is very courteous and professional.

I have thick corse facial hair and I have a tanned skin. don’t know if the lazer centers we are talking about treats tanned asian skins :?

I have to start off my hair tackling process looking for some advice before starting it off. I thread my facial hair every week. Would like to know roughly how expensive these lazer treatments are. What lazer might be suited for this skin. Any inputs in this matter would be of great help.

I also suspect that I might have to go to a endocrinologist for get my harmones tested. Wonder how long thats treatment going to me :-?

waiting for some expert advice :smile:


I have Fitz Patrick V skin - I am South Asian and have brown skin. I am being treated with a Nd Yag. I paid $400 for a package of three chin treatments in Chicago. While shopping around, I was quoted as high as $1000 for three treatments on the chin - I think the lowest was around $350. Price wasn’t the main consideration for me, though it was important. I based my decision on the doctor’s knowledge and experience.
HTH and good luck!

If you have dark skin you are better off being treated with a Nd:YAG 1064 nm wavelenth laser. It will result in less scabbing and redness and this is important when treating facial hair.

I’m male and have had my beard thinned out with the Sciton Nd:YAG laser. I had a test spot with the Lightsheer and it worked very well on my Type IV skin. I went with the Sciton because it resulted in less redness but still delivered good results. I had a test spot with the Aurora and it did work also. I went with the Sciton based on my practitioner’s recommendation. She liked the track record if the Sciton the best for dense beards like mine.