my experience with laser bad(but ending good)

i had the cool glide laser hair removal done. had 11 treatments i think maybe 12 not sure anyway i did not get the results.

been getting the laser since 2003… about every 6-8 wweeks sumtimes 9 weeks, each time before the treatment i kept asking the laser technician why wasnt i getting results m i going to get results…i was told i was probly one of those people who probly needed more treatments and probly will get results after the the 3-4 more i was told i was a hairy person! n i even belived it… i was desperate gullable fool who got sucked into this…

i was having my sideburn area treated and forehead. dint get results but it actually got worse as i have more notcieable hairs now on those areas and also the nurse ran the laser a couple of times that i had barely visible hair very very fine now those areas have hair growing and noticeable too!

a few treatments they missed some areas…i had like 5 different people treat me for this even though wen i went consultation i was told id be treated by the one i had consultation with.

anyway i had given up on ever getting my money back and now worse off then i started with

i was gona try out some other lasers at different clinic and thought they could possibly make this beter. but a week ago i came across this forum an i realised that laser wont work and the result may or may not occurr and plus i already had one experience to proof that…and another bad thing bout this is it aint permanant.
i read some info on the forum on getting your money back and having adverts and stuff before after pictures.
so here goes that was like 3 days ago i talked to james about it through email and asked for advise which thing might be effective for me

here is james post

Only electrolysis is proven permanent hair removal. Your problem is finding
> someone who is both good, and fast. A good electrologist will leave your
> skin looking as if it never grew any hair. A fast one would have cleared out
> your side burns in one to four appointments, and you would have then just gone
> in once a month for keeping them bare. Nine to 18 months later, you would
> never have to do anything again to that area.
> As for legal action, you would have to have before, during and after photos
> to really substantiate a claim. If you have these, you may very well be able
> to recover your payments, and maybe even something to go towards your
> electrolysis, depending on the pain and suffering, and punitive damage laws in your
> area.
> I wish I could do your work, as you don’t sound like you have anything that
> I would find challenging, while I could change your life in one appointment.
> I wish you luck,

my reply

Thank you for your reply, i will try finding a good electrologist here but since i dont have any recommendations from anyone here what are the things i should look out for that may suggest sum1 is good? i.e experience etc?

i dont have before pictures and after…but i have been to other clinics here for laser consultation and they are surprised that i have had this kind of result after 11-12 treatments…Also where i was treated with the coolglide, they kept misleading me as i kept asking before each treatment, they kept telling me i probly need a few treaments i was probly those odd cases and one of those hairy people which i am not becuase i even had a medical test done and everything is normal…as for basis for getting my payments back i was hoping to count on the…newspaper advert clippings i have where they clinic said results guaranteed or your money back…this was why i even went there in first place and got fooled into it…i also have a written quote from my first consultation…saying i need 3-4 treatments…and i have seen them advertise on tv…saying they do permanant hair removal which is safe and effective…i am hoping to get them on grounds of misleading consumers through false advertising…which is against the law in the Fair trading Act in NZ…howver i will do more research…go to the citizens advise bereau and wil have to talk to a frend about this even though its very embarassing she may give me more advise on how to go about this…if i find out i can make a case on that misleading issue…and il try and make a claim through that…if i get nothing il just make a complain to the coomerce commision here and those people will sue that clinic out! (for the things they have put me through , i have suffered enough i dont intend to let them have an easy way out with all that money and me getting nothing out of it
Do you think i may have a chance with this ?

once again thank you very much. and your forum is very helpful

james post

I am sure that if you really look at your photograph collection, you have some picture that shows your before. Some snapshot your mother took when you were not looking, an Identification Card, something.

You do have some good strong exhibits for a case with the contracts, and advertisements. I would also get the local media in on this. They love to caution consumers on things they have previously hailed as the messiah of one problem or another. The clinic may offer to settle out of court just to keep the media reports under wraps.

I am told by friends that there are many good electrologists in your area, although no one gives ma any names to give to you. I can only say that you need to get a sample treatment and consultation from as many practitioners as you can. You may want to have them do the consult on your legs, or some other out of the way place. That way you can test their skill on something you don’t really care about, and is not so readily visible to the general public. When you see who does the best work, with the shortest healing time, and the most speed and comfort, go with that person, or persons. I would ask you to also post the names of the best people you find on our board in the referral section so others can answer the question “Who is good in New Zealand”.

Please post your experience on the board as well. We need for everyone to know that this does happen. I try to tell people that Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation operators over promise and frequently under deliver, but they think I am biased and others accuse me of outright lying! When the treatment doesn’t go easy, they always blame the client.

Keep in touch,

so here goes the rest

i did find pictures. went to the advise people talked to a lawyer i soooooooo had a case due to that advertisement i had…

went back and told the manager i wanted my money back i dint get results

she tried to make out like i did get somewhat results maybe some sort of reduction, i told her i dint! told her about the ad. and i told her my medical stuff came out al normal i had nothing wrong with me and they ripped me off otherwise they would have told me clearly after about 3-4 treatments that i wasnt geting results and that i should maybe consider other options so then
she tried to fill me some bull about i might have a medical problem and my GP aint the doctor i should rely go too i shoudl go to a specialist and get it checked out endocronologist get her the results and she will see…
so i went to my doc lol i was realy in a state… i asked him about those test i had done before he had they were to check for my throaid glands but not all hormone levels etc n as he dint belive i had PCOS coz i dint have any of the symtoms n my those bloods tests before came out normal… anyway i explained about my laser problem to him…and he suggested those people shudnt be asking for medical shit they should have asked before doing the treatments or at least midway not now after you complain.

and he told me he will do those extra tests for my sake so i can rest assured yet i dint have to tel the manager about it or anything…
so i went back to the manager today even took a frend for support
lol they had 2 people in the office they really thought they could have fooled me but lucky i had my frend with me for support they tried to make out like it was my fault they cudnt increase the joules of the laser energy coz i jumped was sensitive, as if! my frend told em their records werent consistent and i told em look see the first record here the laser that was done by the actual consultant her record says i took the laser well…and yet all these other nurses here decreased and increased joules which aint my problem neither was i told they were doing this…
i told the techinicain that was in there with the manager your the only one talking here aobut jumping as you dint use ice when clearly at the consultation i was told you they would…told her you even missed a few areas i had to complain and come back told her when i came back you dint even give me protective eyewear told me to close my eyes while she quickly does those areas…so she said i only did one zap…i set her straight it was more then one!
i told them about the advertisements which were misleading and against the law and the other ads i had which clearly said treatments performed by a doctor with assistance from the nurse ( which was misleading again!)
i kept my ground and my frend helped me…so then later onn when she realised they dint have a chance…she tried to make out i paid lesser amount i set her straight i told her i had bank statements as proof…

one of the treatment shit was missing number 7…and said they made a mistake and counted test patch as one treatment as i myself dint have quite the records lol n most of the time i paid in cash n dint ask for receipts i let them have that one…
that bank statements bit was abit of bull as i only had one record payment that i made by eftpos
they asked me did i check all the results for medical did i go specialist i said yea i did evrything is normal(which was again a lil lie on my part as doc dint do all the tests) and told em you dont have no grounds to be asking me for medical records which is confidential between me and my doc and also if they were so concerned they should have asked me before doing treatments or midway when i asked them a number of times about the results

so heres the ending she paid me full for the 11 treatments (well 2 were free) so full payment for 9 treatments <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
and now i could have sued their ass for damages and the crap they put me through but im satisfied that least i got my money back and also dint want going to lwyer and courts as i did not tel my parents about this
lol <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> now to improve my situation well my doc said he will try and help me so il see what he has to say about these hairs before i consider electrolysis and im geting my other tests done

hope this helps others

The problem with most laser clinics is that most anybody can pick up one and beging shooting. Laser can provide comforting results to some but it requires experience on the part of the practitioner. I am sorry to say that experience and skill are something a lot of them seem to be lacking. I have noticed a popular trend in people posting negative experiences and results, or lack thereof, here on this invaluable site we call hairtell. Maybe as technology increases and more practitioners become knowledgeable and experienced, laser can offer more to folks. Until then there is always electrolysis.

And if your situation is just your sideburns and forehead, I would have recommended electrolysis from the beginning. Good luck in finding someone to treat you from here on out.

i hope so but the elctrolysis thing is still scary to me with the scarring bit and also i dont have much knowledge on it yet but il do my research on it…

however iv read on hair facts or so that theres still 7-10 percent people that electrolysis hasnt not worked for and i dont want to go through another long term procedure like my laser and find out it hasnt work.

can anyone recommend any good electrologists in auckland New Zealand area?

so how does this electrolysis work? , i mean,
how many treatments approximately…?
first one to get hairs in growth phase,
second one in 2-3 weeks to get the hairs left out
possibly another in 2-3 weeks

then what?..roughly how many treatments in numbers would it take and the time between each treatment?

and the deal with the scabs im a uni student cant afford to take 1/2 weeks off to deal with the scabs, and also the thing is i dont want my parents to know about this, would it be noticeable after the treatment? and the scabs noticeable?
please advise

Electrolysis, when done correctly and properly, will work each and every time. It’s called science. Go to for information about specifics, as well as also has some good articles if you type in “electrolysis” in the search feature.

7 - 10% of people never found an electrologist who was fast and/or good enough to finish their job in the time they gave the electrologist to do the job. Of course, if the person only gave the electrologist 5 hours over 3 months, no one could have completely finished them on anything.